01. India is my country. 

02. It got freedom in 1947. 

03. It is a big country. 

04. It is progressing but there are some problems in India. 

05. I dream of an India which is happy and prosperous. 

06. I am a ten year old child. 

07. My name is Rahul. 

08. I want to be a police officer. 

09. I want to make India crime free. 

10. I see poverty around. 

11. I want to remove poverty. 

12. I want to solve the problem of unemployment. 

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13. I want to solve the problem in society. 

14. Many people do not get two meals a day. 

15. I want to help them.

16. Poverty is the biggest problem of the country. 

17. There should be a policy to remove poverty. 

18. There is dirt and filth on the road. 

19. I want the roads to be clean. 

20. There should be more facilities for the people. 

21. I find crowds in the trains and buses. 

22. My dream is that there should be strong and better infrastructure. 

23. Communication facilities must be improved. 

24. Our villages are very bad in shape. 

25. We should do something to improve the conditions of villages. 

26. Industries should be more established. 

27. Agriculture must be given importance. 

28. Corruption is eating the roots of our country. 

29. There should be strict laws to prevent corruption. 

30. Half of the population is illiterate. 

31. I want that education upto 12th class must be compulsory for all. 

32. Then we can remove illiteracy. 

33. The dirty game of politics must be stopped. 

34. Our politicians must be educated. 

35. There should be an accountable system. 

36. Every officer must be made accountable for his acts and doings-wrong and right. 

37. Right to information which our government gave us is a big step in the direction of good governance. 

38. They should be loyal and honest. 

39. They must be friendly to the people. 

40. There should be a good system of government. 

41. May god fulfill my dream!


01. The journey by train is very interesting. 

02. One week back I went to Lucknow along with my father. 

03. We boarded the train from Agra. 

04. When we reached the station in the evening there was a big crowd over there. 

05. The People were waiting for the train. 

06. Some coolies were putting the luggage of passengers on their heads. 

07. After a few minutes the train came. 

08. All the people rushed to the train. 

09. When we entered the train we looked inside the compartment.

10. We found our seats which were reserved. 

11. In our compartment, there were also two old men. 

12. Anyhow we took our seats. 

13. A tea vendor went past us. 

14. He was selling tea. 

15. We enjoyed tea. 

16. At 8.30 a.m. the train started. 

17. For the first time I was sitting in a train. 

18. It was a wonderful experience for me. 

19. From inside the train I saw 

20. that everything was moving. 

21. I can’t forget that experience.


01. Picnic gives us enjoyment. 

02. It is necessary for being fresh. 

03. On Sunday, I went on a picnic with school teachers and friends. 

04. The weather was pleasant and there were clouds in the sky. 

05. Our school hired a bus. 

06. We sat in the bus and the bus moved to Agra Fort. 

07. It was morning. 

08. In the bus we sang songs and some children also danced. 

09. Within some minutes we reached Agra Fort. 

10. Agra Fort is made of red stones. 

11. In cloudy weather it looked very attractive.

12. For me it was a rare experience. 

13. Mr. Raj, who was incharge of the picnic, bought entry tickets. 

14. As we entered the fort, a slope came. 

15. We moved up. 

16. We saw many foreign tourists there. 

17. Then we went to the canteen in the fort. 

18. Where we took lunch. 

19. After lunch, we were relaxed. 

20. Then we sat on the green in the ground. 

21. After some time we went up and saw peacock stone. 

22. We stood near it. 

23. From there we saw the Taj Mahal and the Yamuna river. 

24. It was really a beautiful scene. 

25. I took photographs of Taj Mahal. 

26. Our teacher Raj took the photograph of the entire picnic party. 

27. We also saw Moti mosque. 

28. It was 3 p.m. we decided to move to Etmaddaula and Ram Bagh. 

29. There we stayed for half an hour. 

30. In Etmaddaula some boys expressed their desire to watch Shahrukh Khan’s new movie ‘Don’. 

31. We went to Sanjay Talkies to watch the movie. 

32. The movie was really good. 

33. The movie ended at 6.30 p.m. 

34. We all sat in the bus. 

35. We all were very tired. 

36. But we were very happy. 

37. Till evening we returned. 

38. The picnic was very enjoyable.


01. In the morning I was going to school. 

02. I saw a school boy who was crossing the road. 

03. He was walking slowly. 

04. He was carrying his school bag. 

05. A person in a moving car injured that boy. 

06. Actually, the person was at high speed. 

07. The boy fell on the ground. 

08. He had serious injuries on his hands. 

09. The car man was gentle. 

10. He stopped his car. 

11. He helped the boy to balance himself.

12. People gathered there. 

13. Some people got angry. 

14. They started shouting at the car driver. 

15. They called the police. 

16. Police came and arrested the driver. 

17. I was sad to see it. 

18. The boy was taken to a nearby nursing home. 

19. Accidents take place because we neglect the rules of the road. 

20. We should obey the traffic rules.

21. If we want to avoid the accident,  

22. we must obey the traffic rules. 

23. Because of irresponsible behaviour the rate of accidents is increasing. 

24. So please, keep in your mind.

25. “Delay is better than accident”


01. Last Sunday, the weather was very pleasant. 

02. I got up early in the morning. 

03. I saw darkness around. 

04. The sun was covered with thick clouds. 

05. Suddenly there was heavy pouring. 

06. I had to go to my school. 

07. I took my umbrella and left for school. 

08. On my way to school I faced strong winds. 

09. Then I stood under a big tree. 

10. My village is full of greenery. 

11. I watched the shaking of trees with great enjoyment. 

12. Water filled in the pot holes on the road. 

13. There was mud and mud around. 14. Due to the rain, many vehicles were standing in the middle of the road. 

15. Anyhow I reached school. 

16. I saw that the school was closed due to rain. 

17. I returned home. 

18. On the way to home, I was completely wet. 

19. I was shivering. 

20. My bag was also wet. 

21. I stayed at the tea stall. 

22. I took tea. 

23. It was an enjoyable experience for me. 

24. After reaching home I changed my clothes. 

25. The rain was still on. 

26. I can’t forget that rainy day.


01. Last Sunday I came home by bus. 

02. I was at my friend’s house. 

03. First I reached the bus station. 

04. I saw a great crowd at the bus stand. 

05. Some people were buying tickets. 

06. Some were sitting in the bus. 

07. As I entered the bus I found that all the seats were occupied. 

08. I had to stand. 

09. The bus was crowded and the people were coming in. 

10. I took my ticket from the conductor. 

11. Many passengers were also standing. 

12. Ladies and Children were in trouble.

13. The bus left for Meerut. 

14. The road was not good. 

15. It was bumpy. 

16. The bus had to make its way in dust. 

17. I saw that the luggage of a passenger fell off the roof of the bus. 

18. On the way, there was a traffic jam. 

19. It took half an hour to get clear of traffic jams.

20. Anyhow I reached Meerut, 

21. I got down and got relaxed. 

22. It was a troublesome journey by bus.


01. Punctuality means doing things in time. 

02. It is the habit of doing things in a punctual manner. 

03. If things are not done at time, there is loss in it. 

04. It is said, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. 

05. If we are idle and do not do things in time we will never do them.

06. The people who understand the value of time are very punctual. 

07. In fact, we generally do not understand the value of time. 

08. It is not a good habit. 

09. Our success comes from understanding the value of time. 

10. Those who have not valued the time have always suffered.

11. The habit of punctuality must be cultivated at an early age. 

12. We should rise at the right time. 

13. We must make a programme for every work. 

14. There should be a time for every programme. 

15. We must take breakfast in time, and leave the house early so that we can arrive in time. 

16. We should make our commitments regularly. 

17. In our school and house, we must not waste our time. 

18. What thing is to be done at what time must be made sure.

19. I have a time table for all my work. 

20. I rise at 6 a.m. in the morning. 

21. After getting fresh, I take my breakfast. 

22. At 7.00 a.m. I leave for my school and reach there before 9.00 a.m. which is the time of the school. 

23. At 3.00 p.m. I leave my school for home. 

24. At home I take my lunch at 3.30 p.m. 

25. Then I have a bad rest. 

26. After that I sit to study at 5 p.m. 

27. At 6 O’clock in the evening, I play with my friends. 

28. At 10 p.m. I go to bed.


01. We are human. 

02. As a human we need to have some good qualities in ourselves. 

03. Obedience is one of them. 

04. Obedience is a good quality. 

05. Obedience is following the directions or orders of your elders. 

06. We must obey our parents, teachers and elders. 

07. A disobedient child is bad. 

08. Nobody likes him. 

09. First we must obey our parents. 

10. It is necessary. 

11. Obedience means respect. 

12. If we don’t obey our parents, it means we don’t respect them.

13. Not only at home but also in school, obedience is a must. 

14. Homework must be completed in time. 

15. We should follow the instructions of our teachers.

16. If we want our youngsters to obey us, first we must learn to obey our elders.

17. We must try to cultivate the habit of obeying in early age. 

18. We can only be happy in life if we obey our elders.

19. Only then we can be good members of society. 

20. And our parents will be proud of us.


01. Last Sunday, along with my father, I visited the zoo. 

02. I was very excited to see the zoo. 

03. We hired an autorickshaw  and reached the zoo. 

04. First we bought tickets and entered the zoo. 

05. The zoo is situated near the old fort. 

06. We saw a large crowd there. 

07. The zoo was situated in a beautiful and natural place. 

08. It has many kinds of trees. 

09. There were peacocks, kingfishers, cranes, storks, ducks and swans swimming in the pond. 

10. Some birds were singing. 

11. Then we saw monkeys and gorillas. 

12. I was very happy to see my favourite animals such as tigers, lions, leopards and cheetahs. 

13. There were also elephants, giraffes and crocodiles too in the zoo. 

14. The lions were in the cage. 

15. They were roaring in the cage. 

16. The other attractions of the zoo were stags, deers and horses. 

17. But I liked chimpanzees most.

18. In the zoo, there were also some rare species. 

19. Penguin which is the national bird of Australia and lives only in cold places, was also there in the zoo. 

20. White elephants were there in the zoo. 

21. White elephants looked very beautiful. 

22. I liked them very much.

23. As we moved ahead we saw some monkeys and apes. 

24. I took some groundnuts out of my bag which I had bought for them and offered them. 

25. My younger brother Shashi took photographs of me offering groundnuts to monkeys and apes.

26. After seeing the zoo, we were tired and hungry. 

27. We sat under a tree and ate our tiffin. 

28.I learnt many things from the animals. 

29. I saw some animals for the first time. 

30. It was an enjoyable experience.


01. The sun with its nine planets makes up the solar system. 

02. The eight planets move around the sun. 

03. The eight planets in increasing or small to big order of size are:

(i) Mars (ii) Mercury (iii) Venus     (iv) Earth (v) Neptune (vi) Uranus (vii) Saturn (viii) Jupiter

04. Pluto is no more a planet. 

05. Jupiter is the largest planet. 

06. Except Venus all the planets revolve in a clockwise direction.

07. Our Earth is the only planet which has water and air. 

08. Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth. 

09. Mars is red in colour. 

10. It has two satellites. 

11. Jupiter has sixteen satellites. 

12. Saturn is the only planet which has rings around it. 

13. It has twenty-two satellites. 

14. Uranus has fifteen satellites. 

15. Neptune has eight satellites. 

16. Pluto has one satellite.

17. The sun is the largest member of the solar system. 

18. Its distance from Earth is 150000000 km. 

19. The sun’s rays take eight minutes to reach the Earth. 

20. It is the only source of heat and light in the entire solar system. 

21. If there had not been the sun, the earth would have been a dark place. 

22. It is the only source of energy and light.

23. Pluto also revolves around the sun. 

24. But scientists have taken it out of the list of planets because Pluto is smaller than the moon. 

25. There is a possibility that more solar bodies will join the list of planets. 

26. But the children must keep in their mind that there are eight planets. 

27. Pluto is now called a dwarf planet.

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