01. The Taj Mahal is a historical building. 

02. It is situated on the right bank of river Yamuna. 

03. It is 3 km. away from Agra City. 

04. It is the most beautiful building in the world.

05. Mughal emperor Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. 

06. He loved his wife very much. 

07. When she was about to die, she took a promise from Shahjahan. 

08. The promise was that he would build a building in her memory. 

09. Shahjahan fulfilled her wish. 

10. It is a major tourist spot in the world. 

11. It is the seventh wonder of the world.

12. Taj Mahal is made of white marble. 

13. It was built in 22 years. 

14. Taj Mahal was built three hundred and fifty years ago. 

15. I visited the Taj Mahal last Friday. 

16. It was a moonlit night. 

17. Taj Mahal was standing in majesty. 

18. Its beauty was shining in the silvery light of the moon. 

19. In fact, it was a rare sight to see. 

20. I can’t forget that scene.


01. Nature is a treasure house of beauties. 

02. It is a store-house of wonders.

03. Everything in nature is beautiful. 

04. It is like a mother who offers us gifts. 

05. She presents her beauty in a thousand ways. 

6. Its beauties delight every heart. 

07. We see the dew on leaves. 

08. The lofty mountain peaks attract us. 

09. The waterfalls give us joy. 

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10. The river and lakes are the sources of peace and happiness.

11. Summer makes everything glow. 

12. Autumn is the season of the fruits. 

13. The winter brings shivering. 

14. Spring follows winter. 

15. These are the gifts of nature. 

16. Spring is the queen of seasons. 

17. In spring the earth wakes up from sleep. 

18. Birds sing. 

19. Peacocks dance. 

20. Nature is ever changing.

21. They add colour to our dull life. 

22. Nature has an appeal. 

23. Nature is a balm to men in distress. 

24. Every poet has praised the gifts of nature. 

25. From John Milton to Wordsworth every poet praises nature. 

26. We must preserve and protect our nature also.

27. Lovers of nature see God through nature’s beauties. 

28. The pollution and growing cities are posing danger to our natural environment and the beauties of nature. 

29. We must be serious about the protection of nature. 

30. Then we can make the world a beautiful place.

31. Nature is the proof of the existence of God. 

32. It is the medium by which God introduces himself to us. 

33. Sages and saints see God through the beauties of nature. 

34. Thus beauties of Nature give a satisfaction to our soul.


01. A circus is the source of entertainment. 

02. During summer vacation, a circus came to our city. 

03. It was Disneyland. 

04. I went to see it.

05. The show began at six ‘O’ clock. 

06. First of all some gymnasts came in. 

07. They were active and smart. 

08. They showed feats on the swing and rope. 

09. Then came the ringmaster and three tigers. 

10. The tigers roared. 

11. The tigers jumped through a fiery ring. 

12. After sometime some horses came in. 

13. They galloped around the arena. 

14. Then came an elephant. 

15. He danced and walked. 

16. He sat on a stool. 

17. He showed many feats. 

18. Then came a cyclist. 

19. He motored up and down the well of death. 

20. After this two clowns with painted faces came in. 

21. They made us laugh. 

22. In the end five monkeys came. 

23. They were riding bicycles. 

24. After this circus was over. 

25. We returned home. 

26. The visit was really very interesting. 

27. It gave me great joy and happiness.


01. Success does not come through only labour. 

02. Honesty in work is also necessary for success in life. 

03. It is a condition for success. 

04. That is why it is said Honesty is the best policy.

05. Honest people are respected in society and dishonest people are humiliated. 

06. In honesty there is peace of mind but in dishonesty there is fear. 

07. If you earn by dishonest means it brings pain. 

08. But if you earn less with honest means, it brings total peace. 

09. So we should always be honest, 10. we should be honest to our parents. 

11. We should never tell a lie to them. 

12. We should be honest in our school. 

13. We should be honest to the society. 

14. Honesty gives us standing in society. 

15. No doubt Honesty is the best policy. 

16. The elders must teach honesty to the children. 

17. We are what we learn in our early age. 

18. If we become honest in our early age, that habit will remain in us till death.

19. Most of the problems which we see around us are due to corruption. 

20. Lack of honesty in the people gives birth to corruption.


01. The internet is a network of a number of connecting networks. 

02. It connects many computers. 

03. The computers share messages and information with one another. 

04. The Internet transmits data. 

05. This process is done through fibre optics, telephones lines and satellite links. 

06. Everyone can get information and data on the internet. 

07. E-mail is used to send messages in letters to the other internet users. 

08. Talks can also be had on the internet. 

09. We can have audio- video conferences over the internet. 

10. Thus the Internet has many uses.

11. The Internet is also used for digging up information. 

12. The Internet has brought revolution in the field of e-commerce. 

13. E-commerce is for commerce through the internet. 

14. The Internet is providing great benefits and great convenience to the users.


01. Kalpana Chawla was an Indian astronaut. 

02. She was born at Karnal of Haryana. 

03. She got her early education in Karnal. 

04. But since childhood she used to dream big. 

05. Through her labour she was selected in NASA (National Aeronautic Space Agency of America) Test. 

06. She took training there. 

07. She went on many space journeys.

08. She called herself a citizen of the Milky Way. 

09. For American community she became an ideal. 

10. She did doctorate from Colorado University. 

11. She became American citizen. 

12. In 1997 she took her first space flight. 

13. But in 2002 she died in an explosion 200000 ft. above the ground in Texas along with six astronauts. 

14. The entire world was sad over her death. 

15. The children should try to follow and tread on her footprints. 

16. Really she was like a moving and shining star for us.


01. The tiger is a wild animal. 

02. It is the fastest animal on earth. 

03. It looks very beautiful. 

04. It has sharp nails and strong claws. 

05. Its eyes are large and bright. 

06. Tiger belongs to the family of cats. 

07. Its body is covered with soft hair and stripes. 

08. Its legs are very strong. 

09. Its colour is yellowish brown. 

10. The tiger has a long tail. 

11. Tiger is a royal animal. 

12. In 1970 the tiger became our national animal.

13. Tiger lives in a hot region. 

14. It is found in India. 

15. The tiger eats flesh. 

16. It is cruel and bloodthirsty. 

17. It sleeps in day. 

18. It hunts at night. 

19. It kills humans. 

20. Its skin is very costly. 

21. Tiger shows tricks in the circus. 

22. Tiger is more dangerous than lion. 

23. It is a strange animal.


01. Health is the gift of God. 

02. If a person has everything but does not have health he is considered cursed. 

03. If you are healthy, you are blessed. 

04. If money is lost, nothing is lost. 

But if health is lost, something is lost. 

05. A sound mind lives in a sound body. 

06. Health is necessary for mind and balance in life.

07. We need to play sports for our health. 

08. If there is health there is happiness. 

09. Yoga is good for maintaining health. 

10. We must exercise.

11. We should take proper food at the proper time. 

12. The food should have all elements in proper proportion. 

13. Vitamins keep the body active. 

14. Proteins build the body. 

15. Fats and carbohydrates give energy. 

16. Fatty food should be avoided. 

17. We must rise early in the morning and go to parks. 

18. It regulates oxygen intake and refreshes us. 

19. At noon, we should have a brief sleep after lunch. 

20. We must be punctual in our work. 

21. That helps in maintenance of health. 

22. Health is wealth. Jaan hai to Jahan hai (If there is life, there is everything).


01. Holidays are necessary for young people and children. 

02. For the whole year, they are busy in study. 

03. If there is no break it may harm their health. 

04. A short holiday gives us double energy in our work. 

05. But holidays should be used wisely. 

06. Holidays are not for idleness, stupidity and foolishness. 

07. We should avoid unhealthy amusements. 

08. We should not be idle. 

09. Change of occupation is a rest. 

10. If we take an interest in our work it becomes amusement. 

11. But regular intervals for rest are really necessary. 

12. As the saying goes: All work and no play, Makes Jack a dull boy.

13. This year, during holidays (May and June), I went to Nainital with my father. 

14. The weather was cool. 

15. There we got a comfortable room at noon.

16. Then we went to Nainital pond. 

17. We saw many boats floating on the surface of water. 

18. I stayed for a week in Nainital. 

19. After Nainital, we went to Mussoorie. 

20. Mussoorie is a hill station. 

21. We enjoyed ourselves there very much. 

22. I caught clouds with both of my hands. 

23. We also went to Kempty Fall where we had a bath. 

24. The scene of fall was very fascinating. 

25. Then we planned to visit Mount Abu which is also a beautiful hill station. 

26. We stayed there for fifteen days. 

27. After that we went to Banglore which is known as the silicon valley of India. 

28. I had a great time there.

29. Thus our two month trip came to an end. 

30. I can’t forget it. 

31. Then I returned to Kanpur which is our city. 

32. I was feeling happier and healthier. 

33. But I found a contrast between the pleasant weather of Nainital and the hot weather of Kanpur. 

34. The trip was memorable.


01. I’ m class VI student. 

02. I study in a private school. 

03. I like my school life very much.

04. In school, I have my duties and responsibilities. 

05. I read and write very much. 

06. I always keep my teachers happy. 

07. I never do anything against their wishes. 

08. I have nothing to fear because I am an obedient student. 

09. My teachers are also very good. 

10. They are my well wishers. 

11. They look after me carefully. 

12. They guide me. 

13. They solve my problems when I am in trouble.

14. My teachers love me very much. 

15. I feel proud of it. 

16. I am a studious boy. 

17. I am also a good sports person. 

18. I take active interest in games. 

19. My favourite game is football. 

20. I want to become a doctor.

21. I want to serve the weak and poor. 

22. I think broadly. 

23. My teachers inspire me very much.

24. My school life prepares me for a better life ahead. 

25. They try to build my character. 

26. Character is our strength. 

27. I read newspapers in the library in my free time. 

28. My record in school is very good. 

29. I am friendly to all. 

30. I never quarrel with anybody. 

31. Besides it, I take part in cultural programmes with interest. 

32. As I am a good sports person, I also play in my school team. 

33. My record in sports is also very good. 

34. From the very beginning, I got first division. 

35. I never give a chance to teachers for any complaint. 

36. Because of my good record I have been made a monitor many times.

37. I take pleasure in my school life.

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