01. The camel is a tall animal. 

02. There is a hump on the back of the camel. 

03. It can run fast on the sandy earth. 

04. Its lips are hanging. 

05. By these hanging lips, the camel eats the leaves of the thorny bushes.

06. The desert, the place where camels are found. 

07. There is a quality attached with camels. 

08. It is able to live without any food and water for a long period. 

09. Its eyelashes are long. 

10. They protect their eyes when there is a sandstorm. 

11. The camel is a very useful animal to travel in desert areas. 

12. People call it the “Ship of the Desert”. 

13. In arabian countries where most of the land is desert, camels are very popular for travelling.

14. In ancient times, camels were considered royal means for travelling. 

15. When the kings used to go to battle fields, they used camels and elephants as their vehicles. 

16. Thus, camels have been a popular means of travelling since ancient times.

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01. There are seven days in a week. 

02. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

03. We go to school from Monday to Saturday. 

04. On Sunday there is holiday.

05. We live in a hostel. 

06. For me Monday is a busy day. 

07. On Tuesday, my father visits me in school. 

08. On Wednesday, I play tennis with my friends Atul and Rishi. 

09. Every Wednesday we go to a water park. 

10. On Thursday we go to the temple to pray. 

11. On Friday we go to see the movie. 

12. On Saturday evening I leave for my home where I stay till Sunday evening. 

13. I enjoy being at my home. 

14. There I meet my relatives. 

15. Everyday I have an enjoyable discussion with my brother Raju and Sister Kavya.

16. Thus passes my week.


01. Rocking horse is my favourite toy. 

02. I play with it and enjoy myself. 

03. I sit on it and rock it. 

04. It is a beautiful toy. 

05. Its face is bright and its ears are black. 

06. I have painted my toy with bright colours. 

07. I use its two ears as handles.

08. On Sunday, along with my friends I ride on this horse. 

09. My toy is made of strong wood. 

10. I bought it last year. 

11. It is still safe and sound. 

12. I play with it twice a day.

13. I also take care of it and regularly clean it. 

14. It has become my best friend.


01. When we walk on the road, we should follow rules. 

02. There are some rules for walking on the road. 

03. Always cross the road at the zebra crossing. 

04. We should wait for signal indications and then should cross the road. 

05. When the signal turns green, then we should cross the road. 

06. But when the red signal is on we should wait. 

07. I never cross when the red signal is on. 

08. When I was a child, I took the help of other people in crossing the road. 

09. I also help the old people on the road. 

10. Once I helped an old lady cross the road. 

11. The vehicle riders should also take care of pedestrians. 

12. They must not ride their motor-bikes at high speed in congested areas.


01. A nurse is a useful social servant. 

02. She serves in the hospital. 

03. She looks after the patients. 

04. She takes care of the patients. 

05. She is the helper of the doctor. 

06. She gives the medicines to the patients at the proper time. 

07. Sometimes she also gives injections to the patients.

08. A nurse wears white uniform. 

09. She works hard. 

10. She does her duty from the morning to the night. 

11. When the patients call her, she treats the patients in a very kind way. 

12. She never gives a chance for complaint. 

13. The patients feel comfort in her company. 

14. She understands her duty very well. 

15. She is an important member of our society. 

16. In every hospital there are many nurses. 

17. The society is thankful to her. 

18. Some nurses also do their duty at night. 

19. Thus nurse is a very laborious person.


01. When I see the moon at night my heart fills with joy. 

02. It shines brightly on full moon day. 

03. It looks like a silvery blue disc.

04. Moon is a satellite of earth. 

05. It moves around the earth. 

06. It is smaller than the earth. 

07. Man reached the moon in 1969. 

08. When there is no moon in the sky it is known as Amavasya. 

09. When the Moon appears like a full round it is known as Poornima.

10. The moon shines by the light of the sun. 

11. It has no light of its own. 

12. There are rocks and rough sand lying over the Moon’s surface. 

13. Moon completes its revolution in 27 ½  days. 

14. India is sending its Chandrayan Mission in 2008. 

15. It will be a big step in the direction of research about the Moon. 

16. We will know more about the Moon after this mission.


01. Indira Gandhi was the first women Prime Minister of India. 

02. She became Prime Minister of India in 1966. 

03. Her father was Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India.

04. Indira Gandhi was born in 1917 at Prayagraj. 

05. She was very active in the freedom struggle. 

06. Her husband was Firoz Gandhi. 

07. She had two sons Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. 

08. She was a strong lady and a strong Prime Minister. 

09. She is known as the iron lady of India. 

10. In 1984, her guards killed her.

11. When she was Prime Minister, she fought war against Pakistan. 

12. India won the Bangladesh war in 1971 under her leadership. 

13. She did a lot of work for the country. 

14. She was also a social worker. 

15. She made India Powerful in the world. 

16. We are proud of her.


01. My name is Kavya Sahni. 

02. Every year I celebrate my birthday on 24th March. 

03. This year it was my 8th birthday on 24th March. 

04. My parents organized the birthday party. 

05. It was a big party. 

06. We planned some games and enjoyable items on this day. 

07. On this day I dressed myself in neat and clean clothes. 

08. At 10 a.m. in the presence of guests, I cut the cake on my birthday and blew out eight candles. 

09. First I offered cake to my parents and then to other guests. 

10. My friends who were also present on this occasion brought gifts for me. 

11. Everybody wished me, saying many-many happy returns of the day.

12. Then all together sang Happy Birthday to you. 

13. Everybody was very happy. 

14. I was also very happy. 

15. I can’t forget that day. 

16. Everybody loved me on that day.


01. The Bhagavad Gita is my favorite Book. 

02. It is a good book. 

03. It teaches us karma. 

04. I like it because it gives importance to karma. 

05. The Gita is part of the Mahabharata which was written by Ved Vyas. 

06. The Gita shows us the right path. 

07. It teaches us the art of life. 

08. When I am in a problem and find no solution then I read the Gita. 

09. It guides me.

10. The Gita teaches us to live in the right manner. 

11. It gives light. 

12. We should do our duty honestly. 

13. We should not look for any reward. 

14. We should not have attachment with the world. 

15. But we should not escape it. 

16. We should be neutral. 

17. By real Karma, we get close to God. 

18. We should be firm in our intentions. 

19. Shaking is not good. 

20. In the world there is a fight between the evil and the good. 

21. We must judge what is right. 

22. We should support it. 

23. In the battle of Mahabharat Arjun was not willing to fight. 

24. Krishna asked him to fight. 

25. That was his duty. 

26. Killing the evil (Dhuryodhan) was his karma. 

27. God supports the right karma. 

28. That is the message of the Gita.

29. In my view, the Gita is more than a religious book. 

30. It teaches us to be karmyogi and practical in life. 

31. The Gita teaches us to do the right karma at the right time. 

33. In life, karma is most important. 

34. We should do karma without greed.  

35. We just do Karma. 

36. We must not expect results. 

37. It is in God’s hands. 

38. We must leave it to God. 

39. Sometimes, success comes, and sometimes failure but karma must be continued. 

40. Only a person with karma wins in life. 

41. This is the message of the Gita. 

42. Another message of the Gita that in the war or battle, truth always wins.

43. If dharma is on your side, believe that you will win. 

44. After reading the Gita, I have become more serious about Karma in life. 

45. Gita is a great inspiring source for me. 

46. When I am sad I read the Gita. 

47. It gives me satisfaction. 

48. Everybody should read it. 

49. One should be balanced in life is the right message of Gita.

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