31. Two Wonderful Stories About Pride of Performance (Two Stories Pride of Performance)

Without it, you will remain poor even if you are rich.

What is Pride of Performance? 

If you understand this, then you can make your everyday life golden. Any person who takes pride in his work, he does his work more diligently and for a longer time and the natural result of this is, having the best work i.e. Amazing Outcome or Outstanding Performance.

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True Incident-

Understand this from a small incident. Once a person asked the people adding bricks to the house, what are you doing?

The answer of the first person was- 

I am earning a living.

The other person’s answer was – can’t see, I am adding bricks.

The answer of the third person was- I am constructing a palace.

From these three different answers, you can easily find out which person takes pride in his work.

Reasons not to be Proud 

If you don’t take pride in your work, then there can be three reasons for it-

First- That work is not of your choice and you are compulsively doing that work for livelihood.

Second- you are not really doing any work that you can be proud of.

If the first reason is then you should immediately change the job or find a reason to like that job.

If there is another reason then there is no option but to change the job.

Two Stories Pride of Performance

What to do now and why to do

Why are we thinking about it now? understand.


1. Unless you start taking pride in your work, that work will never reach its perfection, that work will never become extraordinary.

2. Your speed to do that work will not increase.

3. You will only increase the time taken in doing that work under compulsion, otherwise you will try to postpone that work.

For example, you must have seen some government employees, teachers, who go to the job only to earn their livelihood. They have nothing to do with the result of their work. This is the reason why no one cares whether he is in that position or not. Even people are happy that a foolish man is gone. 

A Short Story 

This point will become very clear to you with this short story. 

A little boy makes a phone call from the telephone shop and talks to a woman. 

He says I know the gardener’s work and can take good care of your garden. 

The woman says I don’t need it, because I already have a boy working here. 

This boy says that I will do the work for less money than him. Even then she does not agree with the boy. Then this boy says that I will work longer than him.

Even then the woman says, no, I am satisfied with the person working here. 

Then the boy hangs up the phone and looks very happy. The shopkeeper who was listening to this conversation tells the boy that she has told you no and you are still happy. 

Then the boy says that I am the only boy who works with that woman. I just wanted to know how I’m doing. Today I am proud of my work. 

Can’t you make your every day like this too? 

Can’t you improve your work by taking small steps? 

Trying to be the best at your job will fill you with pride.

Write in the comment box now – which work you have started doing better. Be it your job or your studies, it is applicable in both.

Today’s golden rule is-*The feeling of pride in your work will make you stand out from the crowd.*

Two Stories Pride of Performance

Two Stories Pride of Performance

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