75. Observation (Use Power Of Observation)

Where to hit the target

The skill to hit your target comes with deep effort and experience. To reach the pinnacle of success, it is not only necessary to have a set and clear goal, but we should also have the skill to reach that goal. And we get that skill only after deep effort, constant practice.

This little story can teach you a lot. When none of the alternatives work, you need to think differently. So let’s see what the story is-

The engineers of a large ship were very upset because the ship was not commissioning. All the people available on that ship had given all their advice and that advice had been acted upon but still the result was zero. When there was no option left, the owner decided to call a mechanic from outside.

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On finding out who to call from outside, an old man came to know. The old man was informed that he had come to fix the ship. When the old man came to the ship, the engineer there laughed at his very simple appearance as to how he would fix the ship. Then the old man took an iron rod and started checking the engine of the ship. He keenly observed the ship by an iron rod, slowly hitting it at many places. When he was doing his inspection, everyone looked strange.

Because it was beyond their understanding to fix the ship in this way. Some even said that had he ever seen such a big ship!

But the old man continued to test himself with all seriousness. After some time he said that a bigger hammer should be called for. When the hammer came, he mentioned a fixed place that should be hit hard with this hammer.

Now everyone got very upset about what is the relation to starting the ship with the hammer. But they could not say anything in front of the owner. So it was done as the old mechanic said.

The place where the old mechanic said the hammer was hit hard. Then the old man said that now the engine of the ship should be started.

Everyone was surprised. Because the ship was started as soon as the key was turned. Everyone was ashamed of their words. But the old man after doing his work went away with his fee.

What can we learn from this story?

First, one’s talent cannot be judged by his ordinary appearance.

Whatever others say, we should do our work as seriously as that old mechanic.

Third, everyone’s experience is different. His style of working is born out of that experience. Therefore, seeing someone acting differently, one should not make fun of him.

Use Power Of Observation

Use Power Of Observation

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