The importance of life values-What Are Life Values?

Everyone knows that life is precious, that life is important.

We all protect our life because we care for it more than anything else.

If life is so important, the values of life are even more important.

Let us see what these values are and why they have so much importance.

The teacher asked the children what they wanted to become when they grew up.

There were many answers- engineers, doctors, politicians, teachers, nurses, air hostesses, astronauts, pilots and many others.

The teacher then asked them to give reasons for their choice.

Money making, service to society, adventure, honour, prestige, fame etc., were some of the reasons.

This is where the importance of value comes.

Some may value money more than anything else.

Others may value prestige, honour or reputation.

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There may be others for whom service to the nation or to the less fortunate is more important.

Each of us will live according to the values we hold.

Now it is good to question the purpose of life.

Why are we in this world?

What happens after death? What Are Life Values?

We know that life is not permanent.

After some years of life, everyone dies.

One who has proper values in life will lead a good life.

That person will be accepted by all as a successful person.

A person with proper values will not be afraid to face problems.

He or she will expect and accept them as part of life.

He or she will not give unnecessary importance to anything that happens in life.

He or she will have complete faith in God. 

Such a person will be an example to the rest.

On the contrary, one who has wrong values will run after unnecessary things and ruin his or her life.

The proper realization may help him or her. 

We must love our own values in life.

It will help us to lead our life as it should be led.

It is very necessary for the fulfillment of life’s purpose.

Different people value different things such as money, knowledge, fitness, education or the law.

What do you value?

Write here now. What Are Life Values?

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