33. Power of Auto-suggestion (What Is Auto-suggestion)

It is dated 1 June 1926. A girl was born in a simple family in Lance Angeles. The girl’s father was an ordinary film studio employee, who later became a director, and mother was a journalist. The girl’s name was Norma Jean Baker, who was suffering from a mental illness since childhood, in which man considers himself to be inferior and unattractive.

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The parents had been divorced. Childhood was spent in great deprivation between orphanage and troubles. At the age of 16, Norma was married to 20-year-old James Dogarty, which did not last long. It was natural for depression to be at its peak now. 

Desperate and deserted, she returned to Lans Angeles and took a job as a waiter in a restaurant. Days and life were passing by and this girl Norma Jean Baker started living life considering this condition as fate.

Turning Point of Norma’s Life

Just then, a psychiatrist at that restaurant, who was a regular customer there, inquired about the reason for Norma’s unusual behavior and sadness. Norma tells the whole story. 

The doctor thinks of treating Norma for psychiatric treatment. For that, he offers Norma a new job. Because the money was more than the current job, so Norma agrees. And on asking for work, he gave his address. When Norma goes there, the psychiatrist’s room has mirrors all over the walls.

New Job of Norma

At first Norma is surprised and then asks for work. So he tells the work. You have to remain locked in this room for 30 days. All you have to do is eat and drink here and only one thing has to be done by looking in the mirror and calling yourself the most beautiful girl in the world everyday. 

First Norma thinks this is a madman then thinks it is better than the waiter’s job. Have fun here. Then, when 30 days are over and when that girl Norma Jean Baker comes out dressed up, a miracle happens.

The police have to be called to control the people. This event is recorded in the history of Lans Angeles and an energy is infused in the girl. The disease ends on the same day.

Who was Marilyn Monroe?

Now you must be curious to know who this Norma was after all?

That Norma later became the great actress Marilyn Monroe and further life is also a history. Her beauty is still considered a symbol of beauty in America. Marilyn Monroe lived a very short life of only 36 years. But whatever she lived is immortal history.

Now the lesson of the story

What happened to Norma?

How did the miracle happen?

This is called the Power of Auto-suggestion.

You can easily understand the Power of Auto-suggestion.

How to use Power of Auto-suggestion.

Everyday tell yourself that you are very powerful, you are very smart and you can do whatever is needed to fulfill your dreams. Take necessary actions. And very soon you will see that it is going to happen.

What Is Auto-suggestion

What Is Auto-suggestion

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