36. Theory of Circles (What Is Best Solution)

You can bring a great change by using this theory. Basically we use two most important things in our every activity.

Those two things are Time and Energy.

If we use our time and energy in such activities which can’t produce any result, does mean you are just wasting your

time and energy. 

But unfortunately most people are not aware of this fact.

And fortunately you will know this amazing fact now.

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Just categorise your thinking into three parts – 

1. Circle of concern

2. Circle of control

3. Circle of influence

First just make a list what you think or talk about-

1. Environmental issues- trees cutting, global warming, extinction of different species

2. Pandemics like covid-19

3. Water crisis

4. Energy crisis

5. Social issues like Hindu-Muslim, prices rise

6. Women empowerment

7. Current news- murder, theft, Sports event & Demonstration rape cases and so on.

8. Education

9. War related issue

10. Our culture and heritage

11. Economy related 

12. English Problem

13. Petrol Price hike

14. Bollywood

15. Students’ problem

16. Social media platforms

17. Share market

18. mohalla topics

19. Job Problem unemployment

20. Succes

21. Our goals and strategies

22. Money

23. Purpose of life

24. Our Political Leaders, 

25. Industrialist

26. Businessmen

27. Rivers getting dirty

28. Roads and railway condition

29. Relations

30. What others are doing

31. India’s relation with China, Pak, USA, etc.

32. About Mr. Modi

33. About Rahul, Priyanka

34. Mohalla gossips

34. And so on.

Now let’s talk about three circles.

 1. Circle of Concern :

 It includes all those things about which we worry / about which we talk to other people.  i.e. everything you think about, You talk.

 2. Circle of Control :

 It includes those subjects which We can control. That is, the issues directly related to us which have great importance in our life and by working on which we can fulfill our dreams and make our life happy.

 3. Circle of Influence :

 In this those subjects come which are not directly related to us but which affect our life indirectly.  We can’t change them directly but they can also be affected by working for long hours.

Final Learning – what to do.

 Now let’s talk about what we have to do?

Very simple work to do.  After making the list, we have to put numbers on all the topics by category.

I think by now you have already understood that no matter how much you think about the first circle topics, no matter how much you talk or complain, you cannot change it, so as soon as possible we should shift our time and energy to number two circle which we can change with our efforts and make our life full of prosperity and fulfill our dreams.  Because it includes our SMART GOAL, our definition of success, our health issues and our relationships.

What Is Best Solution

What Is Best Solution

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