26. Core Skills (What is Core Skills)

What are Basic Core Skills? How to know our True Potential?

All the people who have reached the pinnacle of success have some skills which are common among all. Success is not possible without Basic Core Skills. If you want to achieve your True Potential then you have to learn some core skills. Some of these are general learnings that everyone should have. We will see them next…..

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1. Know Your Competency

If you do not know your true potential then you will never want to reach the pinnacle of success. Because you don’t even know that you can even reach there. You will never take action by being energetic. Because you know that I am an average person. How to know our Core Competency? We will understand this in the next lesson.

2. Communication Skill

You know words have a lot of power. If the right words are said at the right time, to the right person, that person can do extraordinary things. We all know its importance. So you must try to Improve your Communication Skill.

3. Decision Taking Skill

Decision making is essential for success. The person who cannot make his own decisions, someone else makes his decisions will never be successful. Because most of those decisions are not correct. Right decision, at the right time, can bring you success very quickly.

4. Continue Learning

Whatever you are getting today is only because of your learning. If you want to increase your earning, then you have to increase your learning.

5. Time Management Skill

We all have the same 24 hours a day. How one uses them, that alone will explain the success. How can you achieve success if you intentionally spend time in activities that are taking you away from your goals? You have learned this in lesson number 7 about how we can manage our time. You must use it.

6. Love to Do Needed Work

Look, whether you want to do the work that needs to be done for success or not, you have to do it. So what’s better? First, find the work you like. If not, then make a habit of doing the present work with your mind. To be successful, either make a career the one you love or start loving the career you have.

7. Working Without Supervision

If you work in front of your boss and you cheat in his absence, then success will never come in your life. Observe your work by becoming your own boss. And just ask yourself…

Are you satisfied? 

Will your dreams come true if you keep working like this? 

If not, then change your way of doing work and the time being given on it.

Write in the comment box, which of the above mentioned skills you do not have, write now. And write which one needs improvement.

What does today’s Golden Rule say?

 *By improving your core skills, you can become rich. You can live your dream life.*

What is Core Skills

What is Core Skills

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