Definition of success (What Is Definition of success)

Your individual definition of success is may be varied because it is a very subjective topic. Everyone’s profession, desire, goals, expectations are different and that’s why the definition of success also varies from person to person.

But there are some fundamental and common elements every person who wants to be successful should keep in his/her mind.

1. Money/career

2. Health/Energy

3. Family and friends/society

4. Time/well managed

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1. Money:-

Many people don’t know the importance of money. This is the reason most of the people are poor as they become habitual of being poor. They start enjoying their condition and never take action to make money, not only this they even criticize money and hate rich people.

To know the importance of money you must do this exercise. 

Take pen-paper and make a list of things that you want or need in your life, try to write at least 10 points.

Now it’s time to be loyal to yourself. Tick out those points which do not require money. Take your time. You will hardly find one or two points.

This activity proves that money is important to live the life that you want.

People say that ‘money is not everything’, it is true but not complete, it should be like this,

Money is not everything but it is almost everything.’ 

Money fulfills your three basic needs: Shelter, Food and Cloth. Without them you can’t even survive in civilized society.

Money is a very important tool. It enables you to control your life. It gives you choice to choose the best.

Poor people have only limited money. That’s why they can only fulfill their basic needs. But rich people use their money not only to fulfill their basic needs but also to buy opportunities, options and to live their desired life.

Poor man has very low risk taking capacity than a rich man. Rich man can control his life and has freedom to carve out his own path by taking risks without worrying.

Hence it is proved that in order to balance all four factors of being successful, money is the most essential thing. 

If you don’t have money how can you protect your family and friends? 

How can you provide them with resources, basic needs and medication?


Health is one of the most important elements of success. This body is considered the blessing of God. It is our responsibility to take care of this body and overall health.

People often make excuses that we don’t have time to focus on health. This is a most ridiculous excuse but, still very famous among the majority.

We all have 24 hours in a day. We just have to give only a few minutes regularly to stay healthy.

If your body is not well, then whatever you have achieved in your life is useless or worthless, whether it is money, fame, respect or anything else.

If You do not keep your body healthy, you will lose the most valuable time of your life in illness and laziness. 

Life is very short. Even if you live 100 years, you cannot afford to lose the smallest portion of it in illness.

An unhealthy person also puts his relatives and friends in needless trouble. An unhealthy person is a liability to his family. 

How can an unhealthy person take care of his family and enjoy life with friends?

There are four aspects of health everyone should focus on to live healthy- 

1. Balanced diet for both physical and mental

2. Proper exercise for both physical and mental

3. Thoughts

4. environment and hygiene

3. Family and friends

It is well known to everyone that man is a social animal. Whatever he experiences, he wants to share it with other humans and this is how we have evolved and developed ourselves since we came into being. So living in a group and family is our social need. As soon as you experience something amazing you want to share it with other human beings. 

For better understanding take an example, suppose you have reached the Pinnacle of Mount Everest, will you come back without clicking pictures?

The answer is no, you will definitely click pictures and instantly share them with your loved ones.

To celebrate the success you need someone, you cannot celebrate your success alone.

Success is real only when shared.

4. Time

Time is the Most valuable resource that you can’t take back.

Everything you see and experience in your surroundings is a product of time. 

Our life is also a product of time. You should wisely manage your time.

Suppose you have achieved success in your life, you have millions of dollars in your bank account, you have family and friends, you are a healthy person too, but if you do not have time to spend money, to enjoy or share your thoughts with family and friends, then your success is worthless.

So my dear friends, just try to achieve success which is balanced in every manner then you will have everything and you will be able to enjoy everything.

What Is Definition of success

What Is Definition of success

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