29. Mistakes and the Egg of the Eagle (What Is Greatest Mistake?)

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t want to do anything in life? 

Don’t want to be anything? Don’t want to achieve anything? 

I can say with certainty that you have not met any such person. But the most unfortunate thing in human life is that most people leave this world only with the desire to do something in their mind. Why does this happen after all?

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According to me there can be two reasons for this-

1. Lack of vision

2. Negative attitude

We can see these two reasons clearly through a story. The story goes in such a way that an eagle’s egg somehow reaches the nest of a wild hen and gets mixed with the rest of the eggs.

After some time, when the rest of the egg breaks, it also explodes and a small child of the eagle emerges from it. He also roams with the hen’s cubs and gradually grows up thinking that he is a hen’s cub. He also does the same things that he sees the chicken doing. He digs the ground and eats grains and tries to burrow like a chicken. He doesn’t even try to fly higher than a few feet because he sees chickens flying in the same way.

One day while walking, he sees an eagle flying gracefully in the sky at a great height. He asked the hen, who is that bird? 

The chicken said that it was an eagle. It is a wonderful bird. But you and I cannot fly like him because we are chickens and we are hen’s baby.

What happens to most of the people, the same thing happened to the child of that eagle. As we listen to our elders as they say, and do not recognize our potential. The eagle’s child also accepted the hen’s words without thinking. He died living life like a chicken. Due to lack of foresight, the eagle child could not recognize its potential.

Like that child, most of the people are born to win, all the powers, all the abilities are already given to them by God, but this society, our education system and the people around us are going to defeat you mentally. All these tell our results even before the struggle. Regrettably, this result forces us to live an average life.

Even if you are still living an average life, then you are also living like a chicken as a child of an eagle. You already have the ability to fly in the sky. Just need to recognize him. Find someone who can introduce you to your potential. Still if there is any problem then talk to me. What Is Greatest Mistake?

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