11. What is the Law of Attraction– What is Law Of Attraction

Masterji was teaching in the class. All the children insisted on telling a story. Masterji started narrating the story. In ancient times there used to be a big businessman who used to do good work in consultation with his Gurudev.

One day the businessman told Gurudev with your blessings I have earned a lot of money and am earning continuously but now my wish is to build a big temple in my village. A temple in which there would be a provision of food along with worship.

There should be a gurukul which should inculcate good values ​​in the children. Those who do not have a place to live, they should also find shelter there. If someone is unclothed, then there should be a provision of clothes to cover his body. And a hospital and medicines should also be arranged for the sick and helpless people. 

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The people who come there can become aware of the true nature of their religion.

On hearing this, Guru Dev said happily – why only in the village, you should build such a temple in this city also.

The businessman liked the suggestion and built two temples, one in his village and the other in his town, where he lived with his family. 

Two priests were arranged for both the temples, under whose supervision everything was done. Both the temples soon became the center of reverence of the people.

After some time it was seen that the people of the village also started coming to the temple of the city, whereas the city-like system was available in the village too. 

The businessman didn’t know what to do. That is why he went to his Gurudev.

Gurudev gave him a simple suggestion that the managers of both the temples should be transferred to each other’s place. Send the city person to the village and call the villager to the city.

The businessman did so immediately. And the reverse has been started happening. The people of the city started going to the village temple even after all the arrangements were same.

Now Master ji asked the children, why was this happening? 

Everyone gave different answers. But Mohan’s reply was that it was all a miracle of management.

Of the two priests, one was very nice to the people while the other only did his work. He had nothing to do with the welfare of the people. Why that temple was built, that priest did not understand. 

This is the reason why people used to go where there was a kind and tolerant priest.

Master Ji said that the essence of this story is just that if we behave well then people will come to us, no matter where we live.

We all should be aware of this ultimate truth that we have not come to this earth just for ourselves. 

We must share our happiness and sorrow as well as the sorrow and happiness of others. 

They should be treated friendly. So that wherever we are present, there should be a good atmosphere.

What is Law Of Attraction

What is Law Of Attraction

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