No Pain No Gain-What Is No Pain No Gain

Rohan was feeling bad. 

The coach was nasty to him. He had given him a scolding in front of his friends, asking him not to show his face if he was not interested in the game.

Rohan decided to bury his dream of becoming a footballer.

But he still felt hurt. 

Rohan wanted to get rid of that horrible pain. 

He went for a long walk. Dusk fell. 

Suddenly, he realized it was dark and he had reached the outskirts of the city. 

He turned back.

It was then that he spotted a Hanuman temple. 

Devotees had gathered for the evening prayer. 

After prayers, the devotees left. There was no one except Rohan who was looking at a stone left outside the temple. 

“I’m as useless as this stone, not wanted by anybody,” said Rohan to himself. 

People used the stone to break coconuts, which were offered to Hanuman ji.

“I know how you feel. 

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My brother and I lay here on the ground for centuries. 

Nobody looked at us. Nobody cared for us.”

Rohan was startled to hear the voice. What Is No Pain No Gain

Was it the stone speaking or was it his imagination?

“One day a sculptor picked me up. He broke me into two pieces. He left one half here; that’s me. 

I’m the lowly stone used for breaking coconuts. 

The other half is the stone that these people honour as Hanuman ji,” said the stone.

 Rohan looked at the idol of Hanuman, beautifully decorated, with lamps burning in front of it. He felt sorry for the stone outside.

“If I’m honoured today, I’ve earned it, brother,” said a soft voice. 

 Rohan was surprised to hear the voice which was coming from the temple idol.

“The sculptor worked on me with his chisel and hammer. 

He kept hammering over me. 

It was so painful. 

When I cried in pain you brother laughed at my plight. 

You were happy you were spared by the sculptor. 

I had to take all the beating. 

He then applied sandal paste on me. 

That was very soothing. What Is No Pain No Gain

Then, they gave me a bath. 

They dressed me up and garlanded me. 

They called me Hanuman and people started worshiping me.”

“You were spared all the hammering. 

I took all the hammering. 

Today, I’m here honoured by the devotees who see Hanuman ji in me and you remain where you are.”

“Was it Hanuman ji speaking?” Rohan wondered.

There was a soft glow of lamps burning in front of Hanuman ji.

Yes. It was an ordinary stone, like any other stone. 

After all the hammering it received, 

it became an adorable idol, Hanuman ji.

Rohan found himself smiling. 

All the scolding of the coach was nothing compared to the hammering Hanuman ji received when he was a stone, thought Rohan.

He bowed to Hanuman ji and left.

Next day, Rohan reported to his coach. 

He was ready to be hammered into shape as a footballer.

What Is No Pain No Gain

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