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Idioms and Phrases What Is Phrases Idioms

1. Basic Difference between An Idiom and Phrase

(1) What is an Idiom?

An idiom is a figurative expression, used while writing or speaking and it is formed by the combination of a Verb and a Preposition. 

Idioms are mostly used to express an idea or what has happened or is happening.

Examples :

He gets into problems often. (gets into)

She lived upto the expectations of her mother. (lived upto)

(2) What is a Phrase ?

A sequence of two or more words arranged in a grammatical construction and acting as a unit in a sentence.

Examples :

Drive carefully.

In first place.

Very cold and dark.

Made of gold.

What Is Phrases Idioms

मुहावरा (idiom) एक अलंकारिक अभिव्यक्ति है जो बोलते या लिखते समय प्रयोग किया जाता है और इसे क्रिया (verb) या पूर्व निर्धारित (preposition) के संयोजन द्वारा गठित किया जाता है। मुहावरे का प्रयोग ज्यादातर एक विचार को व्यक्त करने, क्या हुआ या क्या हो रहा है, के लिए किया जाता है। जबकि वाक्यांश (phrase) एक grammatical construction में दो या दो से अधिक शब्दों का एक क्रम होता है या एक वाक्य (sentence) में एक इकाई के रूप में कार्य करता है।

2. Categories of idioms and Phrases

निम्नलिखित Idioms और Phrases विभिन्न categories के अनुसार विभक्त किए गए हैं :

I. Prepositional Phrases

1. Against a rainy day : (for times of need आवश्यकता के लिए )

Do not spend all that you have, save something against

a rainy day.

2. Against the grain: (against one’s desire प्रवृत्ति के विरुद्ध )

Mr. Raju is dead honest. It is against his grain to accept bribes.

3. At a loose end : (without work बिना कार्य के )

Having lost his job, he is at a loose end these days.

4. At a loss : (unable to think what to do किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़ होना)

Seeing the labourers marching towards the factory to win their rights, the manager was at a loss as to how to stop them.

5. At home in : (familiar with से परिचित )

Shyam is quite at home in English.

6. At the risk of: (with the possibility of loss जोखिम में डालकर)

Ram saved the drowning man at the risk of his own life.

7. At the point of: (near निकट)

Mohan was at the point of death when his son came.

8. At the top of: (as loud as possible सबसे ऊंचे )

The drowning man shouted at the top of his voice for help.

9. At any rate: (by all means किसी भी मूल्य पर)

At any rate I will have it.

10. At sixes and sevens: (in disorder बिखरी हुई)

Her books were lying in the room at sixes and sevens.

11. At the mercy of: (in the power of, without defence against दया पर)

The ship was at the mercy of the waves.

12. At the conclusion of: (at the end of समाप्ति पर )

We were served with tea at the conclusion of the meeting.

13. At the beck and call of: (at one’s disposal सेवा में )

The peons in the college are at the beck and call of the

head of the institution.

14. At the bottom of: (secret cause of जड़ में)

Mr. Ram is at the bottom of all this mischief.

15. At elbow: (nearby समीप में)

Kalidas was one of the nine ‘ratnas of Vikramaditya’s court and was always at his elbow.

16. At issue : (under discussion विवाद का विषय)

The NRC remained at issue for quite a long time.

17. At one with : (of one opinion एक मत)

I am at one with you on this matter.

18. At length : (at last अंत में )

The thief, at length, confessed his theft.

19. At a stretch: (without stopping निरंतर)

I can read for ten hours at a stretch.

20. At a stone’s throw: (very near बहुत निकट)

My college is a stone’s throw from the railway station.

21. At daggers drawn: (On the point of fighting जानी दुश्मन)

Both the brothers are at daggers drawn with each other.

22. At large : (not arrested गिरफ्तारी से दूर)

The murderer is still at large.

23. At a snail’s pace : (very slowly बहुत धीमी गति से)

If you want to reach the station in tune, do not walk at a snail’s pace.

24. At random : (without aim यूं ही)

Wise men never work at random.

25. At the eleventh hour: (when almost too late अंतिम समय)

Ram gave up his idea of joining the army at the eleventh hour.

26. At arm’s length : (at some distance दूर)

Keep the culprit at arm’s length.

27. At stake : (in danger दांव पर)

His honour is at stake in the college.

28. At one’s finger’s end: (to remember by heart अच्छे से याद हो ना)

Mr. Bose has the rules of English grammar at his finger’s end.

29. At one’s wit’s end (in a perplexed state घबराया हुआ)

Having lost his entire property in gambling, Raju was at his wit’s end.

30. At sea : (puzzled घबराया हुआ)

Seeing some questions out of course, many students were at sea and shouted for walkout.

31. At the end of one’s tether : (at one’s last resource अंतिम साधन पर)

Gautam readily agreed to help Nitin seeing him at the end of his tether.

32. Behind the scenes : (secretly गुप्त रूप से)

Caesar’s murder was planned behind the scenes.

33. Between the sheets : (in bed बिस्तर में)

It is quarter past nine, still she is between the sheets.

34. By fits and starts : (not steadily अनियमित रूप से) 

Mohan takes exercise by fits and starts.

What Is Phrases Idioms

35. By hook or by crook: (by fair or foul means भले और बुरे साधनों से)

People want to be wealthy by hook or by crook now-a-days.

36. By leaps and bounds: (rapidly दिन दूनी रात चौगुनी )

My College is progressing by leaps and bounds.

37. From hand to mouth: (precariously, spending money

as soon as it is received कठिनता से निर्वाह करना)

Teachers generally live from hand to mouth.

38. From head to foot: (altogether सिर से पांव तक)

Ram was dressed in pure khadi from head to foot.

39. In spite of: (not to be prevented by; notwithstanding के बावजूद)

They went out in spite of the rain.

40. In a blue moon : (very rarely बहुत कम अवसरों पर)

He goes to meet his relatives once in a blue moon.

41. In lieu of: (in place of  के स्थान पर)

Please give me an Idea credit card in lieu of an Airtel one.

42. In black and white: (in writing लिखकर)

Besides submitting a CD, you must submit a copy of your article in black and white.

43. In broad daylight : (openly in the day दिन दहाड़े)

People are being robbed now-a-days in broad daylight.

44. In a nutshell : (in brief way संक्षेप में)

After the meeting the secretary of the teachers association put the proceedings before the group in a nutshell.

45. In the quagmire : (in trouble संकट में)

The complete loss of health has left him in the quagmire.

46. In the heat of: (intense feeling, के जोश में ) 

In the heat of discussion Sohan forgot all his points.

47. In the teeth of: (in opposition to विरोध में )

The Congress candidate succeeded in the teeth of


48. In the guise of : (in the dress of भेष में)

Netaji left India for good in the guise of a Musalman.

49. In the prime of one’s youth: (quite young जवानी में )

Keats died in the prime of his youth.

50. Into the bargain: (for nothing मुफ्त में)

I bought a watch and got this pen into the bargain.

51. In tota: (completely पूर्ण रूप से )

The leader agreed with the suggestions of the group in


52. In vogue (in fashion प्रथा होना )

The ‘Sati’ is still in vogue in some villages in India.

53. In unison with: (in agreement with से मेल खाना)

The Principal was well pleased with me for my arguments were in unison with his.

54. In recognition of: (in honour of के आदर में)

Ram was given a cheque for R 25000/-in recognition

of his services.

55. On behalf of: (for someone की ओर से)

I attended the meeting on behalf of my wife.

56. On the point of: (be about to के निकट)

I was on the point of leaving for my home town when the wire from the university arrived.

57. On the part of: (of, by की ओर से )

There is no objection on the part of the owner of the land.

58. On the ground (score) of: (because of के कारण)

Shyam was dismissed on the ground of gross negligence of duty.

59. On the eve of: just before पूर्व संध्या पर)

On the eve of his retirement our Principal was feted by us.

60. On the spur of the moment: (at once ऐन वक्त पर)

You should have asked me earlier. How can I help you on the spur of the moment?

What Is Phrases Idioms

61. Out of the frying pan into the fire: (to fall from one difficulty into the other आकाश से गिरा खजूर में अटका)

My brother broke his leg after he recovered from long sickness.

Actually he was out of the frying pan into the fire.

62. On the brink (verge) of: (on the edge of किनारे पर )

The country is on the brink (verge) of disaster.

63. Through thick and thin : (in miseries आपत्ति काल में)

Mahatma Gandhi served India through thick and thin.

64. Out of harmony with: (in disagreement with असहमति)

Some members of the staff were out of harmony with the Principal on the matters of admission and fee-concession.

65. Over and above: (in addition to के अतिरिक्त)

Over and above being careless, the new officer is dishonest.

66. With regard to; with respect to: (concerning संबंध में)

I have nothing to say with regard to this subject.

67. With reference to: (concerning about के संबंध में, के उत्तर में)

With reference to your letter, I am to clarify my position.

68. With the exception : (except को छोड़कर, के उत्तर में)

All had reached in time with the exception of the principal.

69. With the intention of: (with the purpose of के इरादे से)

Ram came to Shyam with the intention of insulting him.

70. With an eye to : (with a view to के उद्देश्य से, के विचार से)

Merchants tell lies with an eye to getting profits.

71. With a view to: (for the purpose of की आशा में)

The Principal granted Mohan long leave with a view to

facilitating his research work.

72. With a silver spoon in one’s mouth: (in a rich family अमीर परिवार में)

Sita’s son was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

II. Adverbial Phrases

1. Above all: (most important of all सबसे महत्वपूर्ण)

The new D.M. is dutiful and punctual, but above all he is honest.

2. Above board : (honest and unconcealed खुल्लम खुल्ला)

Ram’s conduct has been entirely above board and your criticism of him is quite unjust.

3. After all: (whatever may be against if फिर भी)

After all you were wrong

4. Again and again or over and over again or time and again: (बार-बार)

Good books should be read again and again or over

and over again or time and again.

All the same: (nevertheless fEY )

He does not appear to be very bright, all the same, we may admit him.

6. All of a sudden: (suddenly अचानक)

All of a sudden the building collapsed.

7. For the present: just now इस समय)

For the present I am postponing my trip to Shimla.

8. As a matter of fact: (in reality वास्तव में )

She does not look more than twenty; as a matter of fact, she is more than twenty.

9. At any rate : (in any possible case चाहे कुछ भी हो)

I shall come at any rate, rain or storm.

10. At all events: (in any case किसी भी दशा में )

He was a pedlar or, at all events a hawker of small wares.

11. Before long: (in a short time अति शीघ्र)

Before long the child will return.

12. By and by : (after a time, little by little)

By and by the agitation will subside.

13. By the by or by the way : incidentally ऐसे ही)

By the by or by the way I have some news to tell you.

14. By far : (in a very great degree, by a great difference निसंदेह)

It is by far the largest playground.

What Is Phrases Idioms

15. By no means: (in no way किसी प्रकार भी नहीं)

He can by no means take away my book by force.

16. Far and away; Out and away; Out and out: (beyond all comparison पूर्ण रूप से)

He is far and away the best batsmen in our country.

17. Far and near: दूर दूर से

He sought for his missing son far and near.

18. Far and wide: (everywhere देश देशांतर से )

People come from far and wide to hear the famous singer.

19. First and foremost: (before anything else सबसे पहले)

First and foremost, speak the truth.

20. For long: (बहुत समय तक)

He was imprisoned for long.

21. For better or for worse: (whatever be my lot बुरा भला चाहे कुछ भी हो)

I have accepted his job for better or for worse.

22. From time to time: (समय-समय पर)

He comes from time to time to see how we are.

23. Hither and thither: इधर उधर

We walked hither and thither in the Exhibition.

24. Now and then: कभी-कभी

He writes to me now and then.

25. Off and on : (irregularly अनियमित रूप से ) 

I have been learning Russian off and on for some time.

26. On the contrary : (used to make a denial or contradiction more emphatic उल्टा)

He does not love her; on the contrary he hates her.

27. Once and again: (occasionally समय-समय पर)

I have told you once and again not to read novels.

28. On the one hand; On the other hand: (एक ओर तो यह और दूसरी ओर वह)

On the one hand you are anxious to go home, on the other hand you are afraid of inconvenience on the way.

29. Once again: (एक बार फिर)

Read this passage once again.

30. On the whole: (generally speaking साधारण रूप से)

On the whole my paper was considered superior to that

of his.

31. Over and above: (besides अतिरिक्त)

Over and above being honest, he is humble.

32. In the long run or sooner or later : (eventually अंत में)

In the long run or sooner or later the cheat will be caught.

33. So far as or as far as (in my experience जहां तक)

So far as I know, it never rains in November.

34. Through and through: (entirely, completely पूर्णतह)

He has read the Holy Gita through and through.

35 Then and there : (on the spot वहीं पर)

The murderer was caught then and there.

36. To and fro : (backward and forward इधर उधर)

The child walked to and fro in the room.

37. Through thick and thin : (under all difficulties सभी कठिनाइयों में)

Both the friends decided to stand by each other through thick and thin.

38. To the contrary: (against what has been said इसके विरुद्ध)

I have nothing to say to the contrary.

39. With one voice: (unanimously एकमत से)

His proposal was rejected with one voice by the people.

40. Without fail: (positively, certainly निश्चित रूप से)

I will meet you there on Sunday at twelve without fail.

What Is Phrases Idioms

III. Conjunctional Phrases

1. No sooner….. than: ( ज्यों ही की)

No sooner did he step out of the room than the door was closed.

2. Scarcely….. before: (hardly…….before कठिनता से )

He had scarcely heard of the death of his friend before

he wept aloud.

3. As long as ( जब तक की)

As long as it rains, we must not step out of the house.

4. In order that: (इसलिए कि)

We work in order that we may earn a living.

5. Indeed…. but: (निसंदेह है… फिर भी)

The thieves indeed were caught; but nothing that they had stolen could be recovered.

6. All the same: (फिर भी )

There seems to be much force in what you say, they adhere to their own opinion all the same.

7. At the same time: (परंतु फिर भी )

There seems to be much force in what you say, at the same time they adhere to their own opinion.


‘All the same’ is placed at the end but ‘at the same time’ is

placed at the beginning of the sentence.

8. As sure as: (जब तक की )

As sure as you stay here, you will have to do this work.

8. In as much as: (because, as क्योंकि)

The general yielded to the enemy in as much as his men were short of ammunition and food.

10. In so much that : इतना कि)

The riots in the city continued all the day, in so much that it was dangerous to leave the house.

IV. Idiomatic Noun Phrases

1. Adam’s ale (water जल)

The soldier died for want of a glass of Adam’s ale.

2. Alma Mater: (mother institution अपना विद्यालय)

Mr. Raju is the head of his alma mater.

3. Apple pie order: (perfect order सुव्यवस्थित)

Mohan’s mother keeps apple pie order in the house.

4. An apple of discord or bone of contention (a cause

for strife झगड़े का कारण)

This piece of land is an apple of discord between the two brothers.

5. The apple of one’s eye : (very dear आंख का तारा)

Ram is the apple of his father’s eye.

6. A beast of burden : (a beast used for carrying heavy loads भार उठाने वाला जानवर)

The camel is a beast of burden.

7. A beast of prey: (a beast which kills and eats other animals शिकारी जानवर)

The lion is a beast of prey.

8. A bed of roses: (a comfortable thing फूलों की शय्या)

Life is not a bed of roses.

9. A bed of thorns: (uncomfortable position कांटो का बिछौना)

Life is a bed of thorns.

10. A bird of passage: (a migratory bird, a person who

does not stick to any place एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान पर घूमने वाला)

Like a bird of passage he is always shifting from place

to place.

11. Birds of a feather: (people with the same interests एक जैसी प्रवृत्ति के)

Birds of a feather flock together.

12. Bolt from the blue: (a sad and unexpected news आकस्मिक दुखद संदेश)  

The news of my grandfather’s death was a bolt from the blue.

13. Cap in hand: (humbly विनम्रता पूर्वक)

The peon went to the officer cap in hand.

14. A cat and dog life: (a life full of quarrels झगड़ों से भरा जीवन)

Their family is leading a cat and dog life.

15. Castles in the air: (imaginary plans हवाई किले बनाना)

What use is there of building castles in the air

What Is Phrases Idioms

16. Close-fisted man : (a great miser कंजूस)

Do not expect my monetary gain from him. He is a close-fisted man.

17. To cross one’s t’s and dot one’s i’s: (to give finishing

touch अंतिम पॉलिश)

Her project work is almost over.

She has just to cross her t’s and dot her i’s.

18. A cry for the moon: (an impossible thing आकाश पुष्प))

Swaraj that was a cry for the moon one day, turned out

to be a reality for India.

19. The Daughter of Eve (woman स्त्री)

Who can escape the spell of the daughter of Eve.

20. D-day: (The day of success सफलता का दिवस)

After its success in the finals, the Indian team is celebrating its D-day today.

21. Debt of nature: (death मृत्यु )

Everyone has to pay the debt of nature one day or the other.

22. A dog in the manger (A selfish person स्वार्थी)

I had thought Mrs. Gupta to be a philanthropic woman but she turned out to be a dog in the manger.

23. Doom’s Day: (the last day of the creation कयामत का दिन)

11th September was as if a Doom’s day for the U.S.

24. Elixir of life: (Nectar अमृत)

Sound health has proved to be elixir of life for him.

25. Escape literature: (light literature हल्का साहित्य)

Manju is not interested in reading escape literature.

26. Fish out of water: (not at ease जल बिन मछली)

Being a German he is feeling like a fish out of water in India.

27. Ins and outs : (full details भेद)

You have not given me ins and outs of the matter.

28. Flesh and blood: (human nature मानवीय प्रकृति)

Flesh and blood cannot bear this insult.

29. French leave: (leave without pernmission बिना स्वीकृति का अवकाश)

Mr. Tripathi is on French leave today.

30. To be Greek: (unintelligible समझ से परे)

Science and Maths are Greek to him.

31. Handsome is that handsome does : (beautiful is who does beautiful acts सुंदर वही है जो सुंदर कार्य करता है)

He does not rely on physical charms. For him handsome is that handsome does.

32. A hard nut to crack: (difficult work कठिन कार्य)

It was a hard nut to crack to win the test match against the west Indies.

33. A jack of all trades: (having a little knowledge about so many things हरफनमौला, बहुत सी वस्तुओं का थोड़ा थोड़ा ज्ञान होना) 

One should be a master of one thing instead of a jack of all trades.

34. A ladies man : (A man fond of female society स्त्रियों की संगति का प्रेमी)

Satya Dev works for the upliftment of women and is

popularly known as ladies man.

35. A leap in the dark: (a risk जोखिम का कार्य)

Your resignation for better prospects is a leap in the dark.

36. The lion’s share : (unduly large share सबसे बड़ा हिस्सा)

He always gets the lions share of the profits.

37. The long and short of a thing : (the whole of it briefly

stated संक्षेप में )

The long and short of the matter is that we must set to work as early as possible.

What Is Phrases Idioms

38. The man in the street: (an ordinary uneducated man साधारण मनुष्य)

Even the man in the street knows this.

39. A man in a thousand: (a wonderful man अनोखा मनुष्य)

Our Prime Minister is a man in a thousand.

40. A man of parts: (an able man योग्य व्यक्ति)

Our Vice-chancellor is a man of parts.

41. A man of letters: (a literary man साहित्यिक, पढ़ा लिखा व्यक्ति)

Dr. Tagore was a man of letters

42. A man of straw: (imaginary person, easily overcome सिद्धांत हीन)

He is only a man of straw.

43. A nine day’s wonder (a wonder that becomes burning question for a long time ऐसे आश्चर्य का विषय जो बहुत समय तक मनुष्यों की जीभ पर रहे)

Mahatma Gandhi’s economic policy ‘Gram Swaraj’ which provided employment to all the villagers in every village became nine day’s wonder.

44. An olive branch : (offer of peace शांति एवं संधि का प्रस्ताव)

Shri Krishna went with an olive branch in the court of Dhritarashtra.

45. Penelope’s web: (an unfinishable task द्रोपदी का चीर)

If you do not pay heed to your project, it will become the Penelope ‘s webfor you.

46. Petticoat Government : (the management of ladies नारी प्रभुत्व)

Petticoat government reigned supreme in the village where Rip Van Winkle lived.

47. A pin-pricks policy : (a tendency of finding fault and

troubling every moment प्रतिक्षण छिद्रा अन्वेषण और सताने की नीति)

He left the job as the Principal was regularly adopting a pin-pricks policy.

48. The pros and cons of: (the arguments for and against लाभ तथा हानियां)

We should study the pros and cons of the matter.

49. A red letter day: (a day of rejoicing and importance आनंद एवं महत्व का दिवस)

The Independence day is celebrated as a red-letter day

in our country.

50. Sine die: (indefinite और निश्चित अवधि के लिए)

The curfew in the city is imposed sine die.

51. A Snake in the grass: (a secret enemy छिपा दुश्मन)

His only son turned out to be a snake in the grass.

52. The sinews of war : (money required to carry on war युद्ध के लिए धन)  

We lack the sinews of war

53. The sum and substance: (gist सार )

Give me the sum and substance of his speech.

54. Summun bonum: (hishest goods सर्वोत्तम वस्तु)

Truth was the summun bonum of life for Raja Harishchandra.

55. The ups and downs of life: (the changes of life उतार चढ़ाव)

I have seen many ups and downs of life.

56. Yeoman’s service: (good service उत्तम सेवा )

Mrs. Gupta has rendered yeoman’s service in her office.

57. Yes-man: (those who ditta हां में हां मिलाने वाला व्यक्ति )

My father does not like to talk to Mr. Pathak as he is a yes-man.

58. A slip of the tongue (a slight mistake in speaking किसी अशुद्ध शब्द का मुंह से निकल जाना)

I am sorry, it is a mere slip of the tongue.

59. Tit for tat: (evil for evil जैसे को तैसा)

Mahatma Gandhi was opposed to tit for tat policy. He was a follower of non-violence.

60. A slip of the pen : (a chance mistake in writing लिखने में अशुद्धि)

Although it appears to be a slip of the pen, it has cost him dear.

What Is Phrases Idioms

V. Nouns that Go in Pairs

1. Airs and graces: (external show बाहरी दिखावा)

He has recently been promoted to the post of General Manager.

That is why he is assuming airs and graces.

2. Bag and baggage : (with all one’s belongings बोरिया बिस्तर)

The poor man was turned out bag and baggage.

3. Bread and butter (livelihood रोजी रोटी)

The poor earn their bread and butter daily and live from hand to mouth.

4. Cock and bull story: (an absurd story झूठी कहानी) 

Your narration of the incident seems to be sheer cock

and bull story.

5. Fits and starts: (irregularly अनियमित रूप से ) 

My nephew could not attend school regularly during the last month due to indisposition. He went in fits and starts.

6. Hand to hand: (at close quarters हाथों हाथ)          

They had a hand to hand fight with the robbers.

7. Heart to heart :(Frank स्पष्ट)

The candidates at the meeting had a heart to heart talk with the vice-chancellor.

8. Over head and ears (deeply बहुत अधिक)

He is over head and ears in debt.

9 Heart and soul : (earnestly गंभीरतापूर्वक)

He threw himself heart ànd soul into his studies.

10. Hue and cry: (noise शोर)

There was great hue and cry over the new budget passed by the parliament.

11. Heart and hand: (with great zeal पूर्ण उत्साह के साथ)

The politicians of early days worked heart and hand to gain independence of India.

12. To all intents and purposes: (practically व्याहारिक रूप से)

He is to all intents and purposes, the leader of his party.

13. Kith and kin: (blood relations सम्बन्धी, रिश्तेदार)

His kith and kin deserted him in adversity.

14. Wear and tear: (Wastage by use प्रयोग से क्षति)

The company is making allowance for the wear and tear of the vehicles manufactured by them.

15. Measure for measure : (tit for tat जैसे को तैसा)

He is very humble and modest. He does not believe in measure for measure policy

16. Neck and neck: (side by side साथ साथ)

The sheep are grazing neck and neck.

17. Through the length and breadth of: (all over सब जगह)

Mrs. Gandhi went travelling through the length and

breadth of the country.

18. With might and main: (with all one’s power पूर्ण शक्ति से)

They tugged at the rope with might and main.

19. Odds and ends: (stray articles छोटी मोटी वस्तुएं           

Various odds and ends were lying on the floor.

20. Part and parcel: (an essential part आवश्यक अंग)

We are part and parcel of our country.

21. Pros and cons :(advantages and disadvantages अच्छाई और बुराई)

Always pay heed to the pros and cons before doing something.

22. The rank and file: (common people सामान्य सैनिक, सामान्य जन)

The rank and file cannot understand these changes.

What Is Phrases Idioms

23. Without rhyme orreason: (without valid reason बिना कारण)

He quarrelled with me without rhyme or reason.

24. Root and branch : (completely जड़ से)

Our leaders are bent upon eradicating communalism root and branch.

25. Ways and means (methods; ways of raising money उपाय, साधन 

Consider the ways and means for carrying out the plan.

26. Rack and ruin : (utter destruction संपूर्णतया नष्ट होना)

The whole building has gone to rack and ruin.

27. Sheep and goat : (good and evil अच्छाई और बुराई)

One who takes sheep and goat with an equal mind is a balanced man.

28. Sum and substance (central idea सारांश)

The sum arnd substance of his speech is that one cannot

progress without hard work.

29. Wear and tear: (injury caused by use घिसाई)

This car will stand a wear and tear of five years.

30. Weal and woe: joy and sorrow सुख-दुख)

I shall be with you in weal and woe.

31. Wind and weather: (weather मौसम)

Wind and weather permitting. I shall go there.

32. Time and tide: (time समय)

Time and tide wait for no man.

33. Under lock and key: (locked up ताले में बंद करना)

She keeps all her ornaments under lock and key.

34. Hand and glove with: (on very intimate terms with घी खिचड़ी होना)

He is hand and glove with Ram.

35. The loaves and fishes: (material gain आर्थिक लाभ )

He is eager for the loaves and fishes of the office.

36. Hue and cry: (general outcry of alarm गुहार)

They raised a hue and cry against the heavy taxes.

VI. Adjectives that Go in Pairs

1. All in all: (all powerful सर्वशक्तिमान)

The Principal is all in all in this school.

2. Cut and dry: (prepared beforehand पहले से ही तैयार)

He put forward cut and dry proposals.

3. Ever and anon: (often बहुधा)

Gray could be seen ever and anon resting beneath the shade of the yew tree

What Is Phrases Idioms

4. Fair and square : (honest ईमानदार)

He is fair and square in his dealings.

5. Hale and hearty: (healthy स्वस्थ)

His grandmother is quite hale and hearty even at the age of eighty.

6. Hard and fast: (strict कठोर)

There is no hard and fast rule to satisfy every case.

What Is Phrases Idioms

7. High and low: (Everywhere प्रत्येक स्थान पर)

He searched for his lost ring high and low.

8. Null and void: (without legal effect; invalid अकृत और शून्य)

This agreement has become null and void.

9. Slow and steady: (Persevering निरंतर करते रहना)  

Slow and steady wins the race.

10. Spick and span: (new नवीन)

His dress is spick and span and is appreciated by one and all.

12. Right and left: (on all sides चारों ओर)

The police beat the mob right and left.

13. All and sundry :(everyoody and anybody जनसाधारण)

All and sundry were invited to the party.

What Is Phrases Idioms

14. Willy milly: (willingly or unwillingly मर्जी से या बिना मर्जी से)

You have to study this subject wily milly as it is a compulsory one.

VII. Idiomatic Phrases composed of an Adjective and a Noun

1. A wild goose chase: (a useless adventure व्यर्थ परिश्रम )

To try to find a true friend is a wild goose chase.

2. Argus-eyed: (vigilant चैतन्य)

Swami Vivekananda was an argus-eyed man.

3. Bad blood: (active enmity दुश्मनी)

This favouritism is bound to create bad blood among the staff.

4. Beauty sleep: (sleep taken before midnight अर्धरात्रि के पूर्व की निंद्रा)

One who has the beauty sleep, gets up fresh in the morning.

5. A big gun : (an mportant person महत्वपूर्ण व्यक्ति)

You need to fix appointment with him as he is a big gun.

6. Bird’s eye view : (a cursory survey सूक्ष्म दृष्टिपात)

The inspection committee had a bird’s eye view of the library.

7. A man’s better half: (his wife पत्नी) 

His better half is out of sorts today.

8. A black sheep (a person with a bad reputation नीच व्यक्ति )

He is a black sheep of our colony.

9. Black art: (magic जादू)

My cousin has gone to see black art in the exhibition.

10. Black diamond: (coal कोयला)

Black diamond was used in the beginning to run steam-engines.

11. Abosom friend (a chum यार)

Ram is my bosom friend.

What Is Phrases Idioms

12. A burning question : (a matter requiring urgent settlement सामयिक प्रश्न)

The abolition of capitalism is the burning question of the day.

13. Capital error: (great mistake महान त्रुटि)

He suffered owing to his capital error.

What Is Phrases Idioms

14. Bull in a China shop : (round peg in a square hole स्वभाव के विरुद्ध वातावरण में)

Satish is a bull in a China shop among the urbans as he comes from rural background.

15. A capital crime (a crime punishable with death ऐसा अपराध जिसकी सजा मौत हो)

Murder is a capital crime.

16, Casting vote : (the president’s additional vote when both sides have equal votes निर्णायक मत)

The resolution was passed by the casting vote of the President.

17. A chicken-hearted fellow: (a timid fellow डरपोक)

Your younger brother is a chicken-hearted fellow.

18. Cold-blooded murder: (an unprovoked murder निर्दोष हत्या)

His cold-blooded murder made my hair stand on end.

19. A cold reception: (a reception wanting in love भारी मन से स्वागत करना)

He was displeased at his cold reception.

20. A curtain lecture: (a lecture given by a wife to her

husband स्त्री द्वारा पुरुष को )

Rip Van Winkle fled from his house because he was

tired of curtain lectures.

21. A warm reception : (a reception full of love जोश भरा स्वागत)

We gave him a warm reception.

22. Crocodile tears: (insincere sorrow घड़ियाल के आंसू)

Your crocodile tears cannot move anybody to pity.

23. A drawn game or battle: (in which neither party wins अनिर्णीत खेल) 

We played a drawn game of football.

24. Eagle-eyed man: (keen observer ध्यान पूर्वक देखने वाला)

My master is an eagle-eyed man. Nobody can deceive him.

What Is Phrases Idioms

25. By fair means or foul: (by any means उचित अनुचित सभी तरह से)

Leaders try to gain their objects by fair means or foul.

26. Fiddlesticks: (nonsense व्यर्थ बातें)

Though he is well-educated, he still talks fiddlesticks.

27. Fair weather friend : (a false friend स्वार्थी मित्र)

Don’t trust him, he is a fair weather friend.

28. A gala day : (A happy or festive occasion खुशी से भरपूर दिन)

The 15th August is a gala day in India.

29. The gift of the gab: (power of talking बोलने की शक्ति)

The secretary of the students union has the gift of the gab.

30. A Green horn: (an inexperienced person अनुभवहीन व्यक्ति)

You cannot be given the job. You are still a green horn.

31. A good hand at: (clever in सिद्धहस्थ)

He is a good hand at cricket.

32. A hard nut to crack: (something difficult to deal with कठिन कार्य)

To pass the L.L.M. examination is a hard nut to crack.

33. A hair breadth escape : (a narrow escape बाल बाल बचना)

He had a hair breadth escape from being run over by a bus.

34. A hen-pecked husband: (ruled by his wife जोरू का गुलाम)

My friend is a hen-pecked husband.

35. An iron will: (unbending will दृढ़ निश्चयी)

Sardar Patel was a man of iron will.

36. Iron hand : (great strictness अत्यंत कठोरता)

The principal dealt with the students with an iron hand.

37. A Jaundiced eye : (partial look पक्षपात की दृष्टि)

While doing evaluation of the examination copies, the examiner should not have a jaundiced eye.

What Is Phrases Idioms

38. A judas kiss: (betrayal विश्वासघात)

His leakage of the secret to the enemy is a Judas kiss.

What Is Phrases Idioms

39. A Laconic speech: (mere narration of facts विषय का केवल कथन मात्र)

Rohit’s laconic speech reveals his ignorance of the rules

of oratory.

40. A laughing stock: (target or object of ridicule उपहास का केंद्र)

Ram is a laughing stock of the city.

41. A maiden speech : (a speech made for the first time प्रथम भाषण)

In his maiden speech he worked wonders.

42. Ostrich policy: (policy of self deception खुद को धोखा देने की नीति)

He suffered great loss in life owing to ostrich policy.

43. An open secret: (a secret known to many persons खुला भेद)

It is an open secret that he will soon desert his party.

44. A promising youth: (a young man who is expected to become great होनहार नौजवान)

Your friend is a promising youth.

45. A narrow escape: (a hair breadth escape बाल बाल बचना)

He had a narrow escape from the bull which was chasing him.

46. The Primrose path: (an easy and flowery path सुगम और सरल पथ)

Success in life demands hard work. There is no primrose path to it.

47. Quixotic project: (a nonsense plan मूर्खता का कार्य)

No quixotic project can make you successful in life.

48. Ready money: (cash in hand नकदी)

At present I have no ready money to buy a car.

49. A red letter day: (a fortunate day; an important day महत्वपूर्ण दिवस)

26th January is a red letter day in the history of India.

What Is Phrases Idioms

50. Red tape or tapism: (excessive official formality लालफीताशाही)

In every office you will face red tapism.

51. A rainy day: (a time of adversity कठिनाई का समय)

We must keep some money for a rainy day.

52. A sleeping partner: (a partner who performs no active

duty क्रिया में भाग न लेने वाला साथी)  

He is a sleeping partner in this business.

53. A silver lining: (bright side उज्जवल पहलू)

Every cloud has a silver lining.

What Is Phrases Idioms

54. A stiffnecked man : (an obstinate person हठी व्यक्ति)

Mr. Johar is a stiffnecked man. It is very difficult to make him agree to this plan.

55. The turning point: (the deciding factor मोड लाने वाली घटना)

His friend’s death was a turning point in his life.

56. Talk talk: (vain language शेखी बघारना)

Do not indulge in talk talk.

57. The three R’s: (reading, writing and arithmetic पढ़ना, लिखना, अंकगणित)

He knows nothing except the three Rs.

58. Utopian scheme : (impracticable असाध्य योजना)

This is utopian scheme. I am afraid if this can lead to our profit.

59. Virgin soil: (soil which has never been tilled ऐसी भूमि जो जुती ना हो)

Overpopulation in ndia is one of the major factors for the reduction in the lands of virgin soil.

60. A white lie (a harmless falsehood सफेद झूठ )

His white lie did me no harm.

61. A white elephant: (a dignity hard to support ऐसा कार्य जिस पर बहुत अधिक खर्च हो)

A European wife is generally a white elephant for an Indian husband.

What Is Phrases Idioms

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