3. SMART GOAL means- (What Is SMART GOAL)

Just Be clear 


M- Measurable 

A- Achievable / attainable

R- Realistic be real

T- Time Bound 

Try to understand by an example. 

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When we go somewhere, we buy tickets. 

What is written on that ticket?

When to go? Means- time and date

How far to go? Means- Measurable

Where to go Means-. Destination

How many people will go? Means- Team

How much is the price? Means- Price

It’s Meaning is smart goal

Because it has clarity, how far it is, it is worth going, it is accurate, there is a time limit.

We create smart goals to achieve all that is essential to our overall success. Then take action on it and get it.

Now decide for yourself how many written smart goals you have in your life. 

If there is no smart goal, how can you achieve it? 

I hope now you can understand the worth of SMART Goal.

For example, if there is no goal post in a football game, how will you score a goal?

How will you play if you are not clear how many runs you have to score in cricket?

While traveling in the sea, if a ship does not know where to reach, then how will it reach there?

Similarly, how much money to earn in life, what to get, if it is not clear then how will you achieve it.

In life, if there is no goal, then there is no life. Because life means flow of energy. 

When we do not have a goal to reach somewhere, then why will energy flow in us.

Judge yourself. You get bored, when you do not have any goal.

If you have some important goal in life you work for that goal.

To understand the significance of the goal, watch a true incident – ​​Florence Chadwick, a daredevil woman, on 4 July, 1952 was going to become the first woman to swim across the Catalina Channel after crossing the English Channel. 

The eyes of the whole world were on her. Chadwick was facing thick fog and sometimes, sharks. It was chilled to the bone.

She was trying to reach the shore, but every time she looked through her glasses, she saw thick fog. 

Because of not seeing the edge, that is, the target, she gave up. 

Chadwick was shocked when she learned that she was left only half a mile from shore. 

She did not give up because obstacles had broken his courage, but because she could not see her goal. 

She didn’t stop because of some obstacles. She also said that “I am not making excuses. If I had seen the edge, I would have been successful.” 

After 2 months she went back and crossed the Catalina Channel. This time despite the bad weather, she kept an eye on her target. Not only was she successful but she also broke the men’s record by a time of 2 hours.

Just ask yourself the following questions….

Is your goal clear to you?

Are your eyes fixed on your goal?

If your answer is yes then you have the most probable chance to become a successful person.



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