16. Vision (What is vision Statement?)

What is vision?

I have a Favorite Quotation. This quotation explains the vision very simply.

If You can see invisible You can do Impossible.

Vision means the ability to see the future. What is the need of the future and what should we do in the future? How do we get it? It explains vision.

Just like seeing a tree in a seed is a vision. Seeing a future leader in an ordinary little child, your vision explains the journey from where you stand today to where you will be in the future.

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Although vision also means the future, for those who want to achieve success, vision means telling how success will be achieved in future.

Now remember about your Smart Goal. In that we had written that within a stipulated time I will get it. If your SMART goal is stated in one line or in two lines, then it will be your vision statement and the vision statement is placed in front. Everyone is told about it. Over a period of time, that vision statement defines you.

Everyone around you, who lives with you, knows your vision statement. It tells your dream, your goal very clearly. That is why it is necessary to have it.

Vision statement is for the future. So there is a possibility of changing it frequently. This is why most people do not have a vision statement. Because if you share your vision statement with everyone and tomorrow you change it, people will laugh at you. Your credibility will be low, your credibility will be lost. Then people will say that there is no place for him. He does not stick to one thing.

Meaning after creating a vision, one just needs to have the passion to achieve it. The vision statement should be very clear. Examples of some vague vision statements

1. Want to be a big man.

2. To earn a lot of money.

3. Have a good job.

4. To do business.

5. To earn a name.

All these are just desires and you know that our desires change according to the circumstances. Vision is that which is clear. If you want to become a big man, how big do you want to become? You can see it with your eyes closed, you can enjoy that scene in your mind.

If you don’t have a vision right now, don’t make it up in a hurry. Think easy, read self help books, try to understand yourself, take help of a mentor, find a point where before you reach it you are clear that this is life. Then write your vision.

The Story Of The Well Frog

It is a matter of ancient times. It used to rain heavily at that time. One such rainy day, a frog fell into a well while blowing in the rain water. When the frog fell into the well, he found another frog in the well. 

They started the discussion as soon as they met. The frog in the well asked him where did you come from? 

Then the frog outside replied that he had come from the outside world.

The frog in the well said how big is that world? 

Then the frog outside replied that the world is so big that it cannot be described by words. Now the frog of the well jumped from one side to another side in the well and said, is the world that big? 

Then the other frog said no. It is much bigger than that. 

Then the frog in the well once again jumped from the other side to the first and asked if the world was that big?

Then the frog outside said that I have already said that the world is very big. Then the frog of the well said that you are lying. Because the sky is visible outside. The world cannot be bigger than this. The world is just that big. There is no world bigger than my well.

90% of the people in this world live in a world created by them, which is like a frog in that well.

Do you also live in a similar world in your mind? 

If you too think like a frog in a well that the world is only that big and that our achievements can only be so much, then give up the idea of ​​reaching the pinnacle of success. Because as your thoughts remain, your actions will also remain the same and so will the results.

If you want to achieve amazing success, impossible tasks in life, then undoubtedly you must learn something from the frog of the well and get out of it. Because great successes, wonderful deeds are waiting for you.

What is vision Statement?

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