34. Wealth Education (What Is Wealth Education)

The Biggest Problem Is Money How To Become Rich

Today’s blog The biggest problem of this world is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer

The place of education in the world is at the top. Education means learning something. Basically there are three types of education. All three types of education cost money and time. But the important question is, which education takes much money and time and gives much result?

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Let’s see-

1. Academic Education-

Academic education takes 15 to 16 years at least and more than 10 lakhs. But it costs in pieces, so we don’t understand. Its results are negligible. You have to learn something else to earn money. This education only gives a living earning.

2. Vocational or Professional Education-

Professional education like Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Singer, Dancer, Painter etc. Different professions take different time but still at least 4 to 5 years and two to four lakh minimum is spent. Its result is slightly better than academic education but no guarantee of becoming rich.

3. Financial Education or Wealth Education-

Financial education is not given in schools or colleges. This is the Education, All Time Hit, because very few people know about it and out of it only a few people take it. 

This is the reason that only a few people become rich and the rich give financial education to their children, so they become richer. 

Whereas the poor are not even aware of it. So he remains poor and his children also remain poor. While its cost is negligible. Just need to know.

Today we will know what is Financial Education? And from where can we learn it?

There are 6 main reasons why the poor are poor and why they do not have money.

1. Poor always hates money or Rich People

Poor people always hate money. This hatred can be seen in their statement. If you want money, want to be rich then start loving money.

Must Do an exercise – Write down at least 10 of your desires. Now let’s see which of these desires can be fulfilled without money. You will be surprised that money is needed to fulfill all these.

So Start Loving Money. And Be Careful in Your Statement. Because as we think, so we speak and as we speak, so we become. What Is Wealth Education

2. Lack of Information – Don’t Know What to Do

What is your source of income? 

All the ways in which money is earned in the world can be given four main names i.e.

1. Employee means earning money by doing a job.

2. Self employed means own business

3. Businessman means doing any business

4. Investor means investor, who earns money by investing.

Two most important findings…

The first two of these four have only 10% of the world’s money, but 90% of the world’s population works in it.

The next two i.e. Businessmen and investors are only 10% of the world’s people, but they have 90% of the world’s money.

The first two will never get rich. Any exception is a different matter. Because both of these work for the latter two. Whatever they earn, they first pay tax, then run their expenses. And save a little, which is kept in FD or insurance. Whatever these people earn through this, they earn at a lower rate than the rate of inflation, so their money appears to be increasing but it never actually increases.

Thirdly, the businessman forms a company by taking the money of the first two as a loan. Then he only hires them. Whatever the businessman earns, he pays tax after deducting all his expenses.

Fourth, that is, the investor invests his money in such areas, from where the rate of interest is above 15%. Of course, he gets the job done with his own money.

Now you have to decide which category you want to be in? What Is Wealth Education

3. Time Leverage

If you want to become rich, then you have to break the cycle of 24 hours a day. That is, you can work more than 24 hours and when will that happen, when you make a system and people work for you. As we saw the businessman. He opens the company. It employs people.

If only 10 people work for you 8 hours a day, then your work will be 80 hours a day, which is not possible for any person personally. In this, along with the people, your money will also work for you.

4. How to Get Work by Your Money

 Look, everyone does the work. Earn money too. But the person who learns to work with money, only he will become rich. So invest your every savings by learning from a financial expert and you can learn it easily. If you want to become rich, you have to learn this.

5. Your community

Look, the idea is very important. When the people who live with you have bad thoughts about money or have a poor living mindset, you will surely become like them. Its treatment is very simple, either change your community or change the views of the community. The decision is yours, you have to do the work, you have to become rich.

6. Scalability

That is, your work should be such that it has the ability to reach as many people as possible. Because we earn money from people only. If your work reaches more people, the more money you will earn. And this is the reason why Employees and Self Employed do not become rich.

Today’s Golden Rule-

Get financial education as soon as possible. Get financial education as soon as possible.

What Is Wealth Education

What Is Wealth Education

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