28. Will Power (What is will Power?)

What is willpower?

Start doing the work that needs to be done on time and keep doing it till it is not completed, then we will achieve all the pillars of success. Our will power has a big contribution in fulfilling this. But….

How can we use what we don’t even know? 

And this Will Power is also one of those things. If 95% of people live an average life, then the big reason for this is that they do not know how to use their will power. They are governed by circumstances. If a laborer also wants to change his life, then learn only 1 hour everyday of such things which can change his life, then he can use 365 hours in a year. But how many years have passed like this? Because of his will power only.

Most of the people have only Desire, there is no such thing as Power in that desire. That’s why they can never decide what is needed and what they want.

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Well, look at the ant. 

What can you learn from a tiny ant? 

What a small creature but completely devoted to his work. And look at the will power. Tremendous will power. It will go wherever she wants to go. Anything you put in her path it will climb over it. It does not mean that if there is an obstacle in the way, then she runs away to home that nothing can happen now.

An ant carries a load many times more than its own weight. If it can’t be made alone, then in groups of 4 to 6, that is, works as a team.

How to improve Will Power?

Now what is Will power and why it is necessary, it has been understood. 

Now we understand how Will power can be increased.

First- Try to increase the time in those small tasks that affect your daily life. As you watch TV, decide that today I will not watch this serial or this film.

And also keep in mind that if I do not watch TV then what will I do at that time. It is clear that we have to increase that time in those activities which directly affect our goal. Otherwise it would be that if I will not watch TV today and play mobile games all day, then what is the point.

This means reducing the time from the small activities of the Daily Routine and putting that time in the Goal Achieving Activities.

Second- This activity is the most important in the world. Doing this, it will not only increase your Will Power, but also there will be many benefits and remember that only 5% of the people of the world do it.

Do you also want to be among those 5% successful people?

This activity is Meditation. 95% of people fall asleep on hearing the name of meditation. They say that nothing happens, whereas 5% of successful people say that everything happens through meditation. Now if you want to come among 5% successful people then start meditation. Otherwise you don’t have to do anything to be in 95%.

Know the right way to Meditate

The right way to do meditation must be known. Because it determines what you want to achieve. If you want peace, peace of mind, then try to be thoughtless, to be free from thoughts. But if you want to achieve something, just focus on that. 

Your mind will run away from where it should be. But again and again it has to be caught. Just 20 Minutes of Meditation Everyday will change your life.

It will make your Will Power Rock Solid. Analyse after 7 days then compare it with the last 7 days when meditation was not done. It will be cleared to you. 

You can also write Date Wise in the comment box, how much meditation was done daily and how much and what effect did you feel.

What is will Power?

What is will Power?

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