82. Determination (Who Is Sylvester Stallone)

Do you know Sylvester Stallone? How To Become Like Sylvester Stallone

Those who watch Hollywood Movies must have known and those who do not even know the name, even if they do not know the name, they must have recognized them by face! But perhaps you would not know that this Superstar, who gives Super Hit Action movies like Rocky and Rambo and owner of billions of assets, was going through such a bad phase that it is difficult to believe it today.

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Let’s see the story of Sylvester’s struggle- Sylvester was fond of Acting from the beginning. He had made it clear from the beginning that his goal was to become only an actor. The passion to become an actor was so much that he left his graduation studies in the middle and went to New York. After reaching there, he gave auditions almost everywhere possible, but did not get success anywhere. Meanwhile, he also wrote many scripts, but not a single one could be selected.

After much effort, he also got a break in “The Lord of Flatbush” in 1974, but it did not help much. Stallone kept giving auditions one after the other, but he was rejected again and again and the same thing happened with the screenplays written by him. His condition became such that he did not even have money to feed his family, even he had to sell his wife’s jewellery.

In such a situation, a common man is ready to do any work, but Sylvester was determined that he had to make a place in Hollywood itself. That too as an actor. The days were passing with great difficulty. One such day Stallone was watching a boxing match on TV. Weppner and Muhammad Ali’s fight was going on. At that time Ali was at his peak and Weppner’s defeat was almost certain. But despite this, Wepner stood firm, he did not stop fighting even after repeatedly punching.

This match inspired Stallone a lot. He thought of writing a story on the basis of this and he kept writing continuously for 24 hours and prepared the script of Rocky. He was very excited by writing the script. He was sure that everyone would like this script and he went to many producers with it, but despite trying for months, no one agreed to work on it.

Stallone was going through the worst days of his life, with no money left at all. Not so much that he could even keep his best friend his dog and one day he was compelled to stand in front of a liquor shop and started asking people to buy his dog. After a lot of insistence, someone bought his dog for $25. Perhaps it was the worst day of Stallone’s life. He had to do what he could not even dream of.

Well, during this time he kept roaming with Rocky’s script and eventually a producer liked this story and offered one lakh dollars to buy the script. Who does not have a single penny in his pocket, what will he do if he gets such a big offer? Of course he will accept it without wasting a moment.

But even then Stallone made a condition that he would give the script only if he was given the role of Rocky in the film. But the producer was not ready for this and he refused saying that he is a writer and not an actor, so he cannot get this role.

When two weeks passed, once again the same producer contacted him and offered to give one million dollars for the script. But Stallone was not ready. The producer kept increasing the offer and Stallone kept refusing. Even after getting an offer of up to 20 lakh dollars, Stallone was adamant that he will do the role of Rocky only and only.

In the end the producer had to bow down, he agreed to give the role of Rocky to Stallone. But in exchange for the script, only 25000 dollars were given. As soon as he got the money, Stallone first went to the liquor store where he had sold his dog to a man, where he started waiting for that man, after waiting for three days he found him. Stallone offered to pay $ 150 for the dog, but the man was not ready … Stallone continued to increase his offer and finally the talk ended on 15000 dollars and a small role in the Rocky movie. In the movie you can see that man and dog.

Rocky was made, released and we all know how big a hit it turned out to be. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1976, and after that Sylvester Stallone never looked back. Along with Rocky and Rambo series, he has given many hits and today he remains a source of inspiration for the whole world with his hard work, dedication and never giving up.

Who can do what Sylvester Stallone did? 

Only those who are crystal clear about their goals. One who knows what he wants from life and then becomes fully focused to get it. Not only Sylvester Stallone, if you look closely at any Super Achiever, you will find that behind the success he has achieved, there has been a great struggle and the spirit of never giving up.

Who Is Sylvester Stallone

Who Is Sylvester Stallone

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