Struggle of butterfly-Why Butterfly Struggle Story

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One day a man was walking through a forest.

Suddenly he found a cocoon of a butterfly on a tree.

There was a small opening appeared and a little butterfly.

To satisfy his curiosity he sat there

and kept watching the butterfly for several hours

as it was struggling to come out from that little hole.

Until it suddenly stopped making any progress and looked like it was stuck.

So the man decided to help the butterfly. 

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He took a pair of scissors and cut off the remaining bit of the cocoon. 

The butterfly then emerged easily,

although it had a swollen body and small and weak wings.

The man didn’t think anything of it

and sat there waiting for the wings to enlarge to support the butterfly. 

But that didn’t happen. 

The butterfly spent the rest of its life unable to fly,

crawling around with tiny wings and a swollen body.

Despite the kind heart of the man, he didn’t understand

that the restricting cocoon and the struggle was

To prepare the butterfly for flying once it was out of the cocoon.

Now it’s time to get the lesson of this short story of butterfly.

Our struggles in life develop our strengths. 

Without struggles, we never grow and never get stronger,

 so it’s important for us to tackle challenges on our own, and not be relying on help from others.

What is struggle and why it is so necessary in our life.

We don’t know the plan of almighty God

and everyone has to face his struggle.

Is struggle essential to be stronger?

Have you ever faced a challenge in your life? 

Did you overcome it? 

What was the whole experience like? 

What did you feel during and after your struggle?

These are some amazing questions to provoke your mind

which will help you to understand the importance of struggle.

Why Butterfly Struggle Story

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