56. Consistency (Why Consistency Is Necessary)

How To Keep Consistency

Whenever we start doing any work, we start that work with great energy for a big result, but gradually when we do not get the desired success in our endeavor, our will power starts weakening a bit. That’s why most of the people are not able to do the work continuously i.e. they don’t work consistently and this is the reason for failure. 

If we want to achieve success, then after choosing any work, it has to be done continuously. 

You will have to be consistent. Only then we will get the desired success. Most people call it struggle. If you also consider it to be a struggle, then you need to struggle to achieve success. 

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There is an experiment’s results that will help you to understand the value of consistency. Let’s see it.

Once in a science research laboratory, many small fish were released into a large glass tank and then the lid was closed. After a while a big shark fish was also released in that tank. But a glass wall was made between that shark and the small fish so that they stay away from each other. Now you know that the food of shark fish is also small fish. 

So what would the shark fish want to do? 

It will try to eat those small fish. And as soon as the shark was released into that tank it proceeded to eat the smaller fish. But that shark did not know that there was a glass wall in the middle and as soon as it moved forward, it collided with that wall and could not reach the fish.

The shark didn’t understand anything. So she again moved on to the smaller fish. But this time it also failed. 

Now the shark got very angry. This time it pounced on the small fish with all her might. But again she failed by hitting the glass wall. This went on like this for some time. 

The shark would repeatedly attack the fish and return unsuccessfully. After some time the shark felt that it could not eat those fish. Thinking of this, the shark stopped attacking and started swimming in the water comfortably.

After some time, the scientists removed that glass wall from the tank. They hoped that the shark would now eat all the fish. But They were surprised to see that the shark did not attack the small fish. It was as if she had accepted that she would no longer be able to eat those little fish. Even after a long time, the shark was not attacking the fish in the open tank.

Do you understand the reason why the shark was not attacking those small fish? 

There is a very small reason that after trying for a while, the shark’s brain had assumed that it cannot eat those small fish and this is the reason for their failure in the life of common people. Because after working for some time they assume that they cannot change the situation. They cannot change their life and just go on living the way they are living.

If you also think like that shark fish then you too will never be successful in life. Whenever something comes in between working continuously, remember this story. Remembering that glass wall. There is no such thing as a glass wall between you and success. So don’t give up trying.

Why Consistency Is Necessary

Why Consistency Is Necessary

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