09. Habits (Why Habits Are Power)

How to develop good habits?

It is said that Habits are Power. Man first makes Habit and then Habit makes man. God had given man the power to make Habit so that he could reduce his labour. You know that the work you are used to doing takes less time and effort. And still you do that work in a perfect way Happiness Course 09. Habits

By using this power of Habit, you can do many things very well. By driving away your fear, you can increase confidence. Then surely success will kiss your feet. 

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What is the Problem?

Most of the people use this power less and misuse it more. If you change only 10 to 20 habits, then your life can become worthy of giving an example.

Why don’t we change our habits?

Look, it is human nature that the way we live, the things we do, gradually we start enjoying them. It is called our comfort zone. If we think about change we feel risk and also fear for how the change will happen.

This is a very simple reason why 95% of the human population is doomed to live an average life. Only 5% of the people who make changes in life according to the times live a life of prosperity, full of opulence. If you want to live a life of opulence then you have to replace your Bad Habits with Good Habits. Happiness Course 09. Habits

Reason of not changing habits

Now because we have attached enjoyment with our Bad Habits, so our bad Habit does not seem bad to us. Now just think why would anyone replace the one that does not look bad? 

For example, an alcoholic takes great pleasure in drinking alcohol. Will an alcoholic ever call this habit bad? Never. Not only this, the alcoholic will spread this habit to more people. Happiness Course 09. Habits

Now understand what to do?

Very simple work to do. You have made your smart goal. All you have to do is to look at all your Habits and find out which Habit supports your Goal and which Habit Opposes your Goal.

We have to let go of all those habits that take us away from the action plan we have set for our goal. Those Habits have to be increased which supports our Vision Statement.

Will a man who loves poverty ever become rich? No.

Will someone who sees pain in exercise ever be healthy? Never.

Will a person who always takes pleasure in criticism, ever praise? No.

Answers to all these questions can be changed to Yes but one condition. The condition is that the person wants to change his habit. And change the habit by taking action. Love the money, see the joy in the exercise and start appreciating. Then his life will become a wonderful life.

Unless you write down your bad habits, it will be more difficult to change them. And start taking action as soon as you write. Take small steps. Be a brand new person.

Why Habits Are Power

Why Habits Are Power

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  • Commenter's Avatar
    Gaurav Joshi — October 8, 2021 at 11:46 am

    Your posts always inspire me to take a step forward, to be a more better version of myself. Your post not only motivates me but also brings clarity into my life.
    I have started following the steps you have mentioned in this post.
    And i belive that it will definitely going to work.
    I will let you know, what changes comes in my life after working on my habits
    Once Again thanks a lot to share extremely valuable knowledge with us.

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