42. Short cuts (Why Most People Fail)

From Possibility to Possible 

From Poverty to Rich

Look, the world is full of possibilities. Chance means opportunity but the problem is that our eyes are where everyone is looking. So like that crowd, we too see only a Limited Possible Option. And thus we also remain average. 

If you want to live an amazing life, then you have to turn your eyes to the other side. All the things that have been made in the world have been made by changing one’s perspective.

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If the Wright Brothers had not seen the possibility of making a plane, would an airplane be made? Similarly, if Edison had not seen the possibility of a bulb, what would have been. 

And what do you think? Seeing their thinking, people must have applauded, encouraged them. Great, go ahead, we’re with you. You can do this. Did this happen?

Then stop worrying about people. Just roll your eyes. Look for new opportunities. Explore new possibilities. 

And as soon as the mind clicks, that can happen. just get started.

Look, only three things have to be done.

1. Dream

2. Plan

3. Take Action

But what does everyone else do? They only dream. 

But the most important thing is Action. No matter how good you dream, no matter how well you plan, if there is no action, nothing will happen. 

If you are still studying and dreaming of becoming rich, then how will you become successful? Start thinking.

By the way, there is a science behind dreaming too. If you don’t know, get in touch. Talk to me. Because if the dream itself is not right, then it is difficult to take action. 

There are many ways to become rich. Which way you like, that’s the only choice, that makes it possible.

Another problem is that our definition of wealth is also limited. If we consider the person earning around 10 to 20 lakhs as rich, then what will happen? We can’t go much further. 

If you have to dream, then look directly to become a billionaire. Because the dream will not change again and again. Whether the dream is small or big, there is no big difference in the action. So keep the limit of becoming rich high.

Now make a plan why people should give you money? Either solve their big problem or fulfill some big need. If you have trouble finding it, join the billionaire community. It will help you a lot.

The most important thing for success is to take action. If we divide time on all three steps, then we should dream for 10% of the time. 20% of the time is for planning and 70% of time is for taking action. 

Now a bitter truth is that 90% of the time the common man only dreams. And the results are in front of you that they remain the same even after many years. Mango to mango. If you want to be special then come with me. I have only one goal, your wealth.

What does the Golden Rule say? 

My focus is on action. I will spend 70% of my time on action.

Why Most People Fail

Why Most People Fail

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