71. Importance of Training (Why Training Is Important)

Story of A Circus Tiger 

Have you ever thought about why training is necessary for our development?

Talent is not enough, training is must. 

Here we will see a true incident and then you will understand the importance of training.

Are you a circus lion? 

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Are you making your kids circus lions? 

Have you seen the circus lion? 

When the lion cub is small, it is caught and taken to the circus. 

There it is trained. Its coach is the Ringmaster. It learns to do many tricks.

Now the story is such that in the circus, animals are made to do these tricks by the ringmaster. Lions have to jump from the fire ring. 

Some animal lovers got angry about this matter and they filed a petition in the court to stop this atrocity on the circus lion. The court ruled in his favor.  

Now the circus people got into trouble. Because the lion cannot be controlled without the hunter. So the circus people stopped showing the feats of the lion. The lion had to be handled without any work. And he had to be fed free meat too.

Then the circus people thought that when this lion is of no use, then why not leave it in the forest. 

Why does it get free food? 

Then, the lion was taken away in the forest and left.

After a few days the news was received that the lion had died. After investigation, it was found that some wild dogs had hunted the lion. 

Now it sounds strange to hear that that lion is hunted by dogs but it is true. 


Because the circus lion didn’t know how to hunt. He used to eat mutton in the circus without hunting anyone. 

But on the other hand, it was necessary for dogs to hunt to fill their stomachs. So dogs had this ability to hunt. That’s why the dogs hunted the lion

Now you have to decide whether to achieve something by struggling or without struggle.

When anything seems to be a problem for us, we should consider that this problem is a challenge, Which has come to make you stronger, more powerful.

If you want to win the game of life, you must train yourself for coming challenges. You will easily overcome it if you are trained.

Why Training Is Important

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