On whatsapp I received this. Why We Have Brakes

Who wrote this I don’t know.

But it’s a good message so I want to share it with you.

Just read this story & try to understand the hidden message.

Once in a physics class, 

the teacher asked the students, “Why do we have brakes in a car?”

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Varied answers were received:

“To stop”

“To reduce speed”

“To avoid collision” etc.,

But the best answer was,

“To enable you to drive faster”

Give it a thought.

For a moment, assume, you have no brakes in your car 

then how fast will you drive your car?

It’s because of brakes that we can dare to accelerate, 

dare to go fast and reach destinations we desire.

At various points in life, we find our parents, teachers, mentors & friends etc.

questioning our progress, direction or decision. 

We consider them as irritants or consider such inquiries as “brakes” to our ongoing work.

But, remember, 

It’s because of such questions 

that you have managed to reach where you are today. 

Without brakes, you could have skid,

lost direction or met with an unfortunate accident.

Appreciate the “brakes” in your life. 

Use them wisely!

Why We Have Brakes

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