59. Trust in God (Why We Should Trust God)

Way of thinking is awesome

There are different types of people in this world and their way of thinking is amazing. Now look at this story itself. As usual, a man went to his favorite salon to get a beard done. You already know how many kinds of things the beard-bearer talks to us about.

Here too, there was talk between the two about the country’s foreign policy, films, Indian culture and various kinds of calamities. The man said that everything is the wish of God and what can we do in this? In this way, suddenly they started to talk about the existence of God.

The barber said that I do not believe in the existence of God. If there is a God then this coronavirus could not have wreaked so much havoc in the world. 

How many people have died? 

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How many children have become orphans and so many doctors have also died. 

If God was there, would he have allowed these innocent people to die?

The man did not know any answer at that time, so he did not proceed further and when his beard was done, he left the salon.

He had just come out and saw a beggar, whose beard, mustache had grown too much and who had not even got the cutting done for a long time. 

The man immediately entered back into the salon and started telling the barber that now-a-days all barbers in this world are gone.

On hearing this, the barber said what are you talking about? I am right in front of you. I just shaved your beard.

Then the man said no, no. There is no barber in this world. If there was a barber, look at that beggar, look at his beard, mustache and his long hair.

Now the barber said what can a barber do in this? If someone does not come to the barber for beard cutting, then it cannot be said that there is no barber in the world.

Now the man said that you are absolutely right. If a person does not come to you to beautify himself, how can you make him beautiful! The same principle applies to the existence of God. If we do not go to God with our sorrows and pains, do not tell him our pain, then this does not prove that God does not exist.

Dear friends, always remember when you share your pain with God with a pure heart God solve our problems. If we don’t believe in God, don’t even tell him our pain, then how can we expect him to heal us?

Dear friends, there is a lot of power in prayer. Great things can be done with the power of prayer and faith. If you worship God with a true heart and do your assigned work with faith, then you will definitely reach the pinnacle of success.

Why We Should Trust God

Why We Should Trust God

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