48. Your Company (Wonderful Story Albert Einstein)

The wonderful story of Einstein Albert Einstein Special Story

You must have heard this saying – like the company, so are the colors. Meaning we become like the people we live with. That is why it is also said that if you want to know your status, then see the average of those 5 people with whom you live. You are known by the company you keep.

That’s why it also comes in the formula of achieving success that you should try to be with people like you want to be. This proverb can be understood very easily from an incident which happened in the life of the great scientist Albert Einstein.

When Sir Einstein became famous after his many researches, then he was called to give speeches at many places. Then his driver was always with him.

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One day Einstein’s driver said to Einstein – “Sir, I have listened to your speech so many times that now I can speak like you. I can explain with the same ease with which you explain your principles.” ” Einstein was very surprised at this.

One day Einstein had a speech at a conference. But that day Einstein was feeling a little tired. He did not want to give a speech, only then he remembered the driver’s words. 

He told the driver- “The organizers of the place where we are going do not recognize me. So today I will be the driver and you will give a speech in my place. The driver said okay.

After reaching the venue, the driver was made to sit on the stage. And after some time he explained the theory of relativity just like Einstein. Everyone present in the meeting applauded loudly and greeted the driver as Einstein.

After the speech when everyone was eating together, a professor asked the driver – “Sir, can you explain the definition of relativity again?”

The real Einstein thought that the driver would now be caught. But he was Einstein’s driver. He was surprised to hear his answer.

The driver replied- “It is very easy. Even my driver can explain it. 

“If you live with intelligent people, you will also become wise, and by living with fools your mental level will be like them.”

If you want to do something special in life, then you should definitely consider this and if need be, you should change your company. It is not necessary that we get the company of great people but you can easily stay with them by reading their biography.

Wonderful Story Albert Einstein

Wonderful Story Albert Einstein

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