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Set- 4 Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-4

Entice लुभाना

Synonyms- Allure, charm, invite, fascinate, endear

Antonyms- Rebuff, repel, defer, repulse

Erect सीधा करना

Synonyms- Plant, elevate, raise, construct, institute

Antonyms- Dismantle, raze, break, demolish, destroy

Essential जरूरी

Synonyms- Necessary, requisite, innate, vital

Antonyms- Superfluous, needless, useless, excessive

Eternal शाश्वत

Synonyms- Imperishable, ceaseless, boundless, immortal

Antonyms- Intermittent, recurrent, fleeting, short

Evasion टालना 

Synonyms- Excuse, artifice, subterfuge, quibble, pretext, tergiversation, prevarication, equivocation

Antonyms- Defence, refutation, reply, response, answer, rejoinder

Everlasting अनश्वर

Synonyms- Perpetual, immutable, deathless, ceaseless, immortal, endless, undying, unending, eternal, interminable, imperishable

Antonyms- Transitory, impermanent, passing, transient, evanesce fleeting, short, spasmodic, brief, momentary

Evident स्पष्ट

Synonyms- Obvious, evident, patent, manifest, distinct

Antonyms- Obscure, abstruse, covert, latent, masked

Excess अधिकता

Synonyms- Superabundance, surplus, surfeit, remainder, excess,

superfluity, redundancy

Antonyms- Deficiency, death, scarceness, lack, deficit, shortage scarcity

Excite उत्सुक

Synonyms- Awaken, kindle, irritate, animate, provoke, stimulate, arouse inflame, stir-up

Antonyms- Quieten, appease, quell, soothe, compose, mollify, allay, hush, pacify, lull

Exclusive एकमात्र विशिष्ट 

Synonyms- Omitting, excluding, debarring, excepting

Antonyms- Including, enclosing, inclusive, embracing

Existence अस्तित्व होना

Synonyms- Duration, breath, entity, subsistence, animation, being, life

Antonyms- Desolation, mortality, expiration, demise, death, decease

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-4

Expel निकाल देना

Synonyms- Eject, discharge, dislodge, banish, exclude, proscribe, expatriate, exile, evacuate

Antonyms- Welcome, inject, hold, harbour, confine, retain, detain, keep, shelter, receive

Extravagant फिजूल खर्च

Synonyms- Spendthrift, lavish, profuse. prodigal, wasteful

Antonyms- Economical, frugal, thrifty, provident, miserly, sparing

Extreme अत्यधिक

Synonyms- Extravagant, immoderate, excessive

Antonyms- Temperate, moderate


Fanciful काल्पनिक

Synonyms- Imaginary, chimerical, capricious, whimsical, fantastic, unreal, imaginative

Antonyms- Veritable, substantial, positive, real, existent, factual

Fatal घातक

Synonyms- Baleful, calamitous, deadly, lethal, mortal, pernicious, destructive

Antonyms- Salutary, helpful, beneficial

Fear डर

Synonyms- Trepidation, terror, dread, awe, apprehension, alarm, consternation

Antonyms- Bravery, boldness, valour, courage, daring, pluck

Fearful डरावना

Synonyms- Horrible, awful, dire, dreadful, terrible

Antonyms- Heartening, cheering, reassuring, inspiring

Feast उत्सव / भोज

Synonyms- Picnic, repast, banquet, festival

Antonyms- Famine, starvation, appetite, fast

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-4

Feeble कमजोर

Synonyms- Enervated, frail, impotent, languid, faint, infirm, weak, debilitated

Antonyms- Stalwart, robust, strong, vigorous, sinewy, athletic, brawny, muscular

Fertile उपजाऊ

Synonyms- Prolific, luxuriant, pregnant, production, teeming, fecund fruitful, rich

Antonyms- Bare, infertile, sterile, arid, barren, infecund, unfruitful

Fickle परिवर्तनीय

Synonyms- Wavering, variable, irresolute, unsteady, vacillating, capricious, changeable

Antonyms- Steadfast, changeless, steady, unwavering, unchangeable

Fiction मिथ्या कथा

Synonyms- Falsehood, invention, fabrication, myth

Antonyms- Reality, truth, fact

Fierce हिंसक

Synonyms- Furious, ferine, wild, rapacious, raging, barbarous, ferocious, violent, savage

Antonyms- Docile, subdued, gentle, tame, domesticated

Flatter चापलूसी करना

Synonyms- Praise, blandish, eulogize, adulate, wheedle, cajole, compliment

Antonyms- Insult, affront, offend, abuse

Flight उड़ान

Synonyms- Exodus, retreat, hegira, rout, stampede, volition, soaring, flying

Antonyms- Arrival, advent, return

Flourish सफल होना

Synonyms- Succeed, thrive, flaunt, swing, shake, brandish, wave

Antonyms- Miss, fall, fail

Foe शत्रु

Synonyms- Antagonist, rival assailant, opponent

Antonyms- Ally, comrade, colleague, associate

Folly मूर्खता

Synonyms- Stupidity, imbecility, fatuity, absurdity

Antonyms- Wisdom, sagacity, prudence, sapience

Formal औपचारिक

Synonyms- Ceremonial, stately, stiff, punctilious, exact, pompous, precise, prim, correct, fixed, set

Antonyms- Lax, easy, unconventional, informal unceremonious, irregular, loose

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-4

Frequent बारंबार

Synonyms- Habitual, customary, familiar, usual, persistent, recurrent, numerous

Antonyms- Rare, odd, exceptional choice, unusual, rare, sparse, infrequent

Fright भय

Synonyms- Alarm, fear, consternation, panic, dismay, trepidation, dread, terror

Antonyms- Composure, calmness, placidity, coolness, equanimity, tranquillity

Frighten डर जाना

Synonyms- Affright, terrify, scare, alarm stampede, intimidate

Antonyms- Comfort, enhearten, embolden, reassure, encourage

Fundamental आधारभूत

Synonyms- Radical, organic, constitutional, basic, entire, complete,  primary, essential, cardinal, underlying, indispensable

Antonyms- Inferior, subordinate, minor, petty, subsidiary, unimportant


Gay खुश

Synonyms- Festal, blithe, buoyant, sprightly, jovial, vivacious, gaudy, flashy, flaunting

Antonyms- Sad, gloomy, dismal, disconsolate, mournful, dismal, sombre, doleful, sable, lugubrious

Generous दयालु 

Synonyms- Liberal, bountiful, magnanimous, munificent

Antonyms- Mean, stingy, parsimonious, miserly

Genius बुद्धि युक्त

Synonyms- Talented, gifted, skilled

Antonyms- Halfwit, nitwit, idiot, dunce, chimp

Gentleness दयालुता

Synonyms- Moderation, lenience, mildness, kindness

Antonyms- Violence, roughness, harshness

Ghastly डरावना

Synonyms- Wan, pallid, cadaverous, frightful, spectral shocking, fearful

Antonyms- Comely, ruddy, robust, lusty, healthy

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-4

Give in पीछे हटना

Synonyms- Surrender, capitulate, succumb, submit, yield, acquiesce

Antonyms- Oppose, resist, repel, confront, rebuff, thwart, assail, withstand

Give out निकालना

Synonyms- Emit, exhale, discharge, eject, emanate, vent, throw out, breathe out

Antonyms- Inhale, engulf, assimilate, swallow, imbibe, absorb

Give up छोड़ देना

Synonyms- Abandon, abdicate, forsake, quit, leave, resign, vacate, cede, evacuate, renounce, relinquish, surrender, withdraw

Antonyms- Retain, hold, usurp, maintain, keep, withhold, seize, arrogate, appropriate

Give way पीछे हटना 

Synonyms- Yield, retire, recede, retreat

Antonyms- Come forward, advance

Gloomy निराशाजनक

Synonyms- Dark, dusky, dim, shadowy, lurid, dismal, dispiriting, despondent

Antonyms- Illuminated, bright, exhilarating, enlivening, jolly, blithe, jocund, merry

Go with साथ देना

Synonyms- Escort, convoy, chaperon, follow, attend, accompany

Antonyms- Abandon, quit, forsake, desert, leave

Gradual धीरे धीरे

Synonyms- Regular, slow, continuous, progressive

Antonyms- Rapid, sudden, momentary, hurried

Grand बहुत बड़ा

Synonyms- August, majestic, exalted, lofty, superb, imposing, illustrious, dignified, stately, lordly, gorgeous, princely, noble

Antonyms- Inferior, mediocre, poor, dingy, lowly, colourless

Grant अनुदान देना

Synonyms- Concede, confer, impart, give, allot, admit, bestow, yield, allow

Antonyms- Keep, withhold, reserve, retain

Gratitude आभार

Synonyms- Thankfulness, worship, gratefulness, indebtedness, thanks offering

Antonyms- Cruelty, heartlessness, inhumanity, ingratitude, thanklessness

Grave दुःख

Synonyms- Solemn, sedate, sober, staid, somber

Antonyms- Jocose, joyous, hilarious, merry

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-4

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