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Set- 6 Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-6

Low नीचे / अपमानजनक

Synonyms- Base, dishonourable, ignoble, sordid, ignominious, mean, vile, degraded, disreputable

Antonyms- Illustrious, honourable, noble, upright, estimable

Lower अपमानजनक होना

Synonyms- Disgrace, debase, humble, humiliate, degrade

Antonyms- Exalt, uplift

Loyalty विश्वासपात्रता

Synonyms- Fidelity, allegiance, fealty, faithfulness, integrity, constancy, devotion

Antonyms- Disloyalty, perfidy, unfaithfulness, treachery


Malice दुश्मनी

Synonyms- Vindictiveness, animosity, spite, grudge, rancour, ill-will, pique, venom, maliciousness, enmity, malevolence

Antonyms- Humanity, charity, goodwill, benevolence, kindness benignity

Manners तरीके / अच्छी आदत

Synonyms- Morals, breeding, behaviour, carriage, habits, conduct, deportment, demeanour

Antonyms- Misconduct, rudeness, misbehaviour, insolence

Margin किनारा

Synonyms- Edge, verge, extremity, border, limit, brink, rim, boundary, lip

Antonyms- Interior, inside

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-6

Masculine पुल्लिंग / साहसी

Synonyms- Male, mamlike, mannish, virile, manly

Antonyms- Feminine, effeminate, female, womanly, unmanly, ladylike

Mean स्वार्थी

Synonyms- Stingy, selfish, niggardly, ungenerous, close, miserly, parsimonious

Antonyms- Generous, bountiful, liberal, charitable, munificent

Mercy दया

Synonyms- Clemency, compassion, pity, forbearance, benevolence, pardon

Antonyms- Cruelty, harshness, brutality

Merry हंसमुख / आनंदित

Synonyms- Cheerful, gay, sprightly, blithe, jolly, lively, jovial, mirthful, genial, jocund, festive, hilarious, bright

Antonyms- Melancholy, sad, unhappy, dismal, sorrowful, mournful, grave, lugubrious

Mild दयालु / मृदु

Synonyms- Gentle, tender, placid, meek, kind, bland, docile, soft

Antonyms- Savage, wild, fierce, ferocious, bloodthirsty, brutish

Miscellaneous विविध

Synonyms- Promiscuous, diversified, diverse, indiscriminate, mixed, heterogeneous, various, many

Antonyms- Collocated, classified, arranged, tabulated

Miserly कृपण / अति लोभी

Synonyms- Stingy, covetous, penurious, niggardly, avaricious, grasping, mean, close, parsimonious

Antonyms- Generous, benevolent, liberal, bountiful, charitable

Misery कष्ट / परेशानी

Synonyms- Woe, wretchedness, distress, destitution, tribulation, privation, unhappiness, grief, desolation, sorrow, agony, pain, anguish

Antonyms- Delight, joy, happiness, rapture, transport, gladness, bliss, ecstasy, exultation

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-6

Mix मिला-जुला

Synonyms- Medley, compound, variety, miscellany, confuse, unite, commingle, associate, confound

Antonyms- Disintegrate, separate, divide, detach, sort, segregate

Moderate उदार  

Synonyms- Middling, mediocre, fair, indifferent

Antonyms- First-rate, excellent, choice, sterling, superior, pre-eminent, admirable

Moderate शांत करना / नरम होना

Synonyms- Allay, diminish, appease, mitigate, repress, abate, lessen, decrease, pacify, soothe, subdue, mollify, assuage, alleviate, soften

Antonyms- Heighten, aggravate, enhance, worsen, increase, exaggerate

Modern आधुनिक

Synonyms- New, recent, novel, fresh, newfangled, up to date, current, present

Antonyms- Old, ancient, antique, obsolete, antiquated, archaic, primitive

Modest विनीत / लज्जा वान

Synonyms- Diffident, unassuming, humble, bashful, meek, reserved, retiring, unostentatious, unpretentious, unobtrusive

Antonyms- Arrogant, haughty, proud, disdainful

Myth पुराण कथा

Synonyms- Legend, fiction, fable, fabrication, tale, allegory, parable

Antonyms- History, record, chronicle, annals


Naked नग्न / खुला हुआ

Synonyms- Nude, bare, unclothed, exposed, uncovered, denuded, undressed, undraped

Antonyms- Covered, clothed, dressed, draped, robed, arrayed, wrapped

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-6

Nasty अशुद्ध / स्पष्ट 

Synonyms- Unclean, impure, dirty, foul, filthy, defiled

Antonyms- Clean, pure, undefiled, unsullied, spotless, unstained

Native स्वदेशी  

Synonyms- indigenous, original, inbred, real, primitive, intrinsic, inborn, congenital, inherent

Antonyms- Exotic, acquired, extraneous, foreign, extrinsic, alien, adventitious, supplementary

Necessary आवश्यक 

Synonyms- Needful, indispensable, expedient, requisite, essential, unavoidable, inevitable

Antonyms- Unnecessary, optional, dispensable, voluntary, discretional

Neglect उपेक्षा करना

Synonyms- Overlook, disregard, omit, miss, ignore, despise, contemn, forget, slight

Antonyms- Observe, notice, head, mind

Neighbourhood पड़ोस पन

Synonyms- Vicinity, proximity, environs, district, locality, nearness

Antonyms- Distance, remoteness

Neighbouring पड़ोस

Synonyms- Adjacent, near to adjoining, contiguous, bordering, close to, proximate

Antonyms- Distant, far removed, remote

Nervous डरा हुआ

Synonyms- Timorous, shaky, timid, fearful, hesitant, afraid, agitated

Antonyms- Courageous, bold, brave, fearless, valiant, doughty, manly, undaunted

Noble कुलीन / श्रेष्ठ

Synonyms- Stately, dignified, magnanimous, elevated, lofty, exalted, illustrious, great, lordly, eminent, honourable, magnificent

Antonyms- ignoble, mean, common, humble

Notorious कुख्यात

Synonyms- Infamous, disreputable

Antonyms- Reputable, famous, noted

Number संख्या / भीड़

Synonyms- Mob, crowd, myriad, rabble, throng, swarm, horde, multitude, host

Antonyms- Few, elite


Obliging आभारी / सभ्य 

Synonyms- Civil, kind, courteous, accommodating, complaisant, complaint, considerate

Antonyms- Mulish, perverse, headstrong, dogged, obstinate, self-willed, stubborn, intractable, inconsiderate

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-6

Occasional समय-समय पर होने वाला

Synonyms- Incidental, casual, rare, accidental, contingent

Antonyms- Everyday, frequent, habitual, repeated, continual, recurrent

Offence अपराध

Synonyms- Crime, trespass, transgression, misdemeanour, misdeed, outrage, delinquency

Antonyms- Lawfulness, right, equity, propriety rectitude, integrity

Omit हटाना / छोड़ देना

Synonyms- Pass over, neglect, fail, miss, overlook, disregard, exclude, skip

Antonyms- Comprise, include, embrace, embody

Operation कार्य करना, शल्य चिकित्सा, संचालन 

Synonyms- Action, agency, motion, manoeuvre, movement, instrumentality, procedure, performance, proceeding

Antonyms- Inaction, cessation, rest, halt, intermission

Oppose विरोध करना 

Synonyms- Combat, withstand, hinder, bar, resist, contradict, prevent, obstruct, contravene, check, thwart, counter

Antonyms- befriend, encourage, support, aid, help, assist, abet, befriend, succour

Opposite विलोम /विपरीत

Synonyms- Antagonistic, contrary, adverse, incompatible, hostile, conflicting, inimical, inconsistent, irreconcilable

Antonyms- compatible, friendly, agreeing, cordial, consistent, accordant, congruous, harmonious

Organize आयोजन करना

Synonyms- Adjust, set in order, arrange, constitute, establish, atize

Antonyms- Disrupt, disintegrate, disarrange

Origin उद्गम / आरंभ

Synonyms- Beginning, cause, root, source, prelude, commencement, inception, foundation, fount, derivation

Antonyms- Result, issue, sequel, outcome, effect

Pacify शांत करना

Synonyms- Appease, calm, tranquilise, assuage, quiet, soothe, compose, propitiate, conciliate, reconcile, allay, lull, mollify, mitigate, quell

Antonyms- Irritate, exasperate, vex, provoke, enrage, exacerbate inflame, annoy, incense

Pale पीला / बीमारी

Synonyms- Cadaverous, ashy, wan, sickly, pallid, sallow, colourless, light, whitish, faint

Antonyms- Dusky, dark, ebony, swarthy, black, pitchy

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-6

Partial अपूर्ण

Synonyms- Unfair, biased, prejudiced, one-sided, predisposed, interested, inequitable

Antonyms- Fair, disinterested, unbiased, unprejudiced, equitable impartial, just

Passionate दीवाना

Synonyms- Ardent, excitable, hasty, earnest, violent, vehement, burning, fiery, hot, glowing, impetuous, impassioned, choleric

Antonyms- Passionless, apathetic, cold, impassive, phlegmatic, torpid, stoical, unfeeling, tame

Pathetic दयनीय

Synonyms- Affecting, moving, touching, impressive, sad, plaintive, emotional

Antonyms- Ludicrous, farcical, droll, funny, comic, amusing

Patience सब्र

Synonyms- Resignation, endurance, fortitude, calmness, forbearance, imperturbability, submission

Antonyms- Excitement, animation, eagerness

Patient सब्रवान / रोगी

Synonyms- Passive, submissive, resigned, uncomplaining, contented, suffering, calm

Antonyms- Passionate, vehement, impetuous, healthy

Peculiar विशिष्ट

Synonyms- Strange, remarkable, singular, exceptional, abnormal irregular, unusual, unnatural, uncommon, rare, extraordinary, queer, odd

Antonyms- Natural, ordinary, usual, commonplace, normal, everyday, customary

Peevish चिड़चिड़ा

Synonyms- Cross, captious, crusty, testy, touchy, fractious, snappish, petulant, irritable, ill-tempered, querulous, churlish, acrimonious

Antonyms- Cordial, jovial, genial, hearty, jolly

Periodical आवर्तक / सामयिक

Synonyms- Systematic, recurrent, regular, stated, occasional

Antonyms- irregular, uncertain, desultory, capricious, spasmodic

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-6

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