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Set- 7 Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-7

Persist दृढ़ रहना

Synonyms- Persevere, hold out, continue, keep on, last, endure, abide 

Antonyms- Perish, die, decease, expire

Persuade आग्रह करना

Synonyms- Convince, urge, incite, exhort, prevail on, induce, influence, prompt, entire, advise, allure

Antonyms- Deter, discourage, dissuade, hinder, restrain

Pictorial चित्रात्मक

Synonyms- Picturesque, artistic, graphic, imaginative, illustrated

Antonyms- Inartistic

Pierce चुभाना / भेदना

Synonyms- Perforate, penetrate, transtix, puncture, enter, drill, stab, bore

Antonyms- Plug

Piercing नुकीला

Synonyms- Sharp, shrill, keen, penetrating, pertorating, cutting, acute

Antonyms- Dull, blunt, pointless

Pitiable दयनीय

Synonyms- Piteous, doleful, woeful, affecting, mournful, lamentable, sad, distressing, sorrowful, moving, deplorable, grievous

Antonyms- Pleasant, enviable, desirable

Please प्रसन्न करना

Synonyms- Gratify, content, satisfy, delight, gladden, fascinate, charm

Antonyms- Offend, injure, outrage, wrong, provoke, affront

Pleasing आनंदित करने वाला

Synonyms- Enjoyment, gratification, rapture, satisfaction, delight, joy, deletion, happiness

Antonyms- Suffering, pain, unhappiness, misery, sorrow, anguish, grief, wretchedness

Pomp दिखावा 

Synonyms- spectacle, show, pageantry, display, parade, flourish, Magnificence, splendour, grandeur, ostentation, exhibition

Antonyms- Poverty, simplicity, meanness, shabbiness

Practical प्रायोगिक व्यवहारिक

Synonyms- Practised, trained, experienced, skillful, serviceable, qualified

Antonyms- Inexperienced, raw, green, untrained, unskilled, unschooled, unversed, unfamiliar

Praise प्रशंसा

Synonyms- Applause, laudable, approval, encomium, commendation,  eulogy, honour

Antonyms- Reproof, blame, censure, reproach

Praise प्रशंसा करना

Synonyms- Applaud, approbate, exalt, compliment, extol, eulogize, panegyrise, flatter, commend

Antonyms- Blame, censure, condemn, reproach, reprove

Precious अमूल्य

Synonyms- Costly, dear, valuable, priceless, esteemed, beloyed, inestimable, invaluable, prized, treasured

Antonyms- Cheap, worthless, useless, valueless, paltry, despicable, contemptible

Predominant महत्वपूर्ण / श्रेष्ठ

Synonyms- Prevailing, prevalent, overruling, preeminent, dominant, controlling, ruling, supreme, superior

Antonyms- Minor, subsidiary, petty, subordinate, junior, unimportant, inferior

Prejudice पूर्वाग्रह  

Synonyms- Bias, prepossession, partiality, predisposition, preconception, prejudgment

Antonyms- Impartiality, equity, fairness

Premature अपरिपक्व

Synonyms- Precipitate, hasty, untimely, rash, unseasonable, previous, early

Antonyms- Delayed, slow, late, seasonable, overdue

Preserve संभाल कर रखना.

Synonyms- Guard, uphold, defend, protect, secure, keep, save, Conserve, maintain

Antonyms- Annihilate, destroy, desolate, subvert, demolish, eradicate, extirpate

Pretend दिखावा करना

Synonyms- Feign, dissemble, simulate, profess, fabricate, sham, allege, counterfeit

Antonyms- Verify, substantiate, establish, authenticate

Prevailing प्रचलित 

Synonyms- Predominant, dominant, controlling, preponderating

Antonyms- Impotent, powerless, ineffective, inactive, subordinate, subsidiary

Prevent रोकना

Synonyms- Hinder, bar, obstruct, impede, thwart, check, block, preclude, stop, hamper, restrain

Antonyms- Help, aid, abet, assist, second, further, back

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-7

Privilege विशेषाधिकार

Synonyms- Immunity prerogative, right, favour, exemption, licence, grant, charter

Antonyms- Inhibition, prohibition, veto. interdiction, debasement

Probable संभाव्य

Synonyms- Likely, possible, credible

Antonyms- Improbable, unlikely

Probably संभवतः

Synonyms- May be, possibly, likely, perhaps, perchance

Antonyms- Certainly, definitely, positively, unquestionably, surely

Proceed आगे बढ़ना

Synonyms- Move, advance, pass, progress, continue

Antonyms- Recede, ebb, retrograde, withdraw, retire, fall back

Proclaim घोषणा करना

Synonyms- Announce, promulgate, declare, notify, publish, report, advertise, spread, blazon, herald, trumpet

Antonyms- Cloak, conceal, dissemble, screen, cover

Profuse अधिकता में 

Synonyms- Luxuriant, bountiful, ample, extravagant, exuberant, prodigal, copious, lavish, wasteful, abundant, overflowing, superfluous

Antonyms- Scanty, insufficient, meager, sparing, limited, skimpy

Prohibit रोकना

Synonyms- Prevent, debar, hinder, stop, disallow, interdict, forbid, inhibit, veto, ban

Antonyms- Sanction, permit, empower, let, consent, allow, warrant, authorize

Prominent प्रमुख 

Synonyms- Conspicuous, principal, leading, distinguished, eminent, notable, marked, celebrated, famous, distinctive

Antonyms- inconspicuous, minor, junior, petty, unimportant

Prompt तुरंत

Synonyms- Quick, active, encourage, urge, stimulate

Antonyms- Tardy, slothful, inactive, torpid, slack, late, unalert, unpunctual

Queer असामान्य 

Synonyms- Eccentric, abnormal, strange, whimsical, fantastic, singular, wayward, odd, quaint, unusual, extraordinary, peculiar, curious

Antonyms- Ordinary, common, usual, commonplace, everyday, habitual, normal

Quicken शीघ्रता करना

Synonyms- Accelerate, speed up, expedite, urge on, press forward, hasten, hurry

Antonyms- Retard, delay, impede, detain, hinder, obstruct

Quickness शीघ्रता 

Synonyms- Celerity, haste, swiftness, speed, velocity, rapidity, fleetness

Antonyms- Slowness, sluggishness, inertia

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-7

Quiet शांत

Synonyms- Peace, quietude, quiescence, rest, repose, silence, calmness, tranquillity, stillness, ease, serenity

Antonyms- Excitement, disturbance, uproar, turmoil, tumult, commotion

Quiet शांत होना

Synonyms- Pacify, allay, still, calm, compose, lul, hush, appease, soothe, assuage, mollify, mitigate

Antonyms- Aggravate, disturb, agitate, disquiet, enhance, exasperate

Raid हमला बोलना / छापा मारना

Synonyms- Assault, invade, plunder, pillage, forage

Antonyms- Retreat, recede, withdraw, retrocede, retire

Rambling ढीला ढाला / ढुलमुल तरीका

Synonyms- Desultory, loose, discursive, unmethodical, incoherent, unsystematic, wandering, disorderly

Antonyms- Methodical, systematic, regular, orderly, coherent, condensed

Reasonable उचित

Synonyms- Equitable, wise, intelligent, judicious, rational, sound, sensible, tolerable, sagacious

Antonyms- Absurd, foolish, stupid, silly, asinine, ridiculous, unreasonable, fatuous

Rebuke गाली देना

Synonyms- Rebuff, chide, reprove, reprimand, censure, admonish, admonish, scold, upbraid, chastise, reprehend

Antonyms- Praise, applaud, compliment, laud, extol, acclaim

Refund पैसा वापस देना

Synonyms- Repay, return, reimburse, restore

Antonyms- Withhold, keep, suppress, detain, reserve

Rejoice खुशी मनाना

Synonyms- Revel, exult, delight, glory

Antonyms- Mourn, bewail, lament, sorrow, grieve

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-7

Remain रहना / टिकना

Synonyms- Continue, last, stay, persist, endure, abide, survive

Antonyms- Perish, die, wither, expire, pass, decease

Remainder शेष बचा हुआ

Synonyms- Residue, rest, remnant, surplus, excess, leaving, remains

Antonyms- Deficit, loss, deficiency, lack, shortage

Remorse पछतावा

Synonyms- Penitence, repentance, contrition, compunction, sorrow

Antonyms- Gratification, satisfaction, pleasure, contentment

Remorseless दुष्ट

Synonyms- ruthless, merciless, hard, inexorable, unmerciful, Unrelenting, relentless, brutal, cruel, pitiless

Antonyms- Remorseful, merciful, element, kind, compassionate humane, tender, forgiving, benignant

Repeal निरस्त करना / खंडन करना

Synonyms- Revoke, abrogate, annual, rescind, abolish, recall, nullify, reverse

Antonyms- Substantiate, confirm, endorse, ratify

Repentance पछतावा

Synonyms- Compunction, penitence, remorse, contrition, regret, grief, sorrow

Antonyms- Satisfaction, gratification, contentment, pleasure complacency

Reproach अपमान / दोषारोपण

Synonyms- Blame, obloquy, odium, reprimand, dishonour, opprobrium, disapprobation

Antonyms- Praise, exaltation, encomium, laudation

Reproach दोषारोपण करना

Synonyms- Reprimand, admonish, censure, upbraid, reprove, chide, rebuke

Antonyms- Honour, praise, exalt, dignify, glorify, laud, eulogize applaud, compliment, commend

Repulsive भद्दा

Synonyms- Ugly, repelling, forbidding, disagreeable, odious, revolting, offensive, nauseating, loathsome, unattractive, repellent

Antonyms- Charming, agreeable, fascinating, attractive, pleasing, captivating, enchanting

Rescue बचाव करना 

Synonyms- Save, liberate, deliver, free, recover, redeem, release

Antonyms- Jeopardize, endanger, imperil, risk, hazard

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-7

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