Set- 8 Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-8

Resent  घृणा करना  

Synonyms- Hate, detest, dislike

Antonyms- Like, love, fancy, esteem, relish

Resign त्यागपत्र देना   

Synonyms- Renounce, surrender, leave, quit, relinquish, yield, abandon

Antonyms- Hold, maintain, retain, keep, remain, continue, stay

Resist रोकना / विरोध करना

Synonyms- Withstand, oppose, stem, thwart, hinder, check, strive, block, repel

Antonyms- Endure, tolerate, brook, allow, support, bear, admit, suffer

Retain बनाए रखना 

Synonyms- Withhold, keep, bold, engage, employ

Antonyms- Give up, relinquish, renounce, forsake, repudiate, cede, concede, surrender, abandon

Retire छोड़ देना 

Synonyms- Retreat, withdraw, depart, recede, fall back, shrink, retrocede

Antonyms- March, forward, advance, progress, push, forward

Reverence सम्मान

Synonyms- Awe, veneration, deference, respect, homage

Antonyms- Disdain, contempt, scorn, derision

Reverse पीछे छोड़ना 

Synonyms- Overturn, invert, overthrow, subvert, up-end, capsize

Antonyms- Restore, arrange, replace, reinstate

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-8

Right यथोचित

Synonyms- Upright, lawful, equitable, just, true, legal

Antonyms- Unjust, unlawful, illegal

Right ठीक

Synonyms- Correct, true, exact, accurate, genuine, actual

Antonyms- Inaccurate, incorrect, false, inexact, erroneous, wrong, untrue

Right ठीक  

Synonyms- Justice, equity, lawfulness, truth, integrity, correctness, propriety

Antonyms- Wrong, injustice, misdeed, iniquity

Right ठीक होना 

Synonyms- Correct, vindicate, rectify, adjust, mend, redress

Antonyms- Impair, disfigure, damage, mar, harm

Rightful न्याय युक्त 

Synonyms- Lawful, true, legitimate, legal, prope, fitting, genuine

Antonyms- Spurious, illegitimate, illegal, unauthentic

Riot दंगे

Synonyms- Outbreak, uproar, disturbance, mutiny, tumult, lawlessness, commotion, disorder

Antonyms- Order, tranquillity, law, peace

Rival विरोधी 

Synonyms- Opponent, antagonist, competitor

Antonyms- Friend, pal, chum, intimate, ally

Roam इधर-उधर घूमना 

Synonyms- Saunter, ramble, range, wander, rove, prowl, meander

Antonyms- Haste, hasten, hurry

Rumour अफवाह

Synonyms- Hearsay, story, talk, report, tale, scandal, gossip

Antonyms- Truth, fact

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-8

Rural ग्रामीण 

Synonyms- Rustic, countryside, pastoral, agrarian, sylvan, arcadian 

Antonyms- Urban, metropolitan, civic

Sacred पवित्र

Synonyms- Holy, consecrated, inviolable, hallowed, dedicated, sanctified

Antonyms- Profane, irreligious, blasphemous, sacrilegious, impious, irreverent

Sanction अनुमोदन करना 

Synonyms- Authorize, ratify, confirm, permit, allow, endorse, support, approve

Antonyms- Disallow, prohibit, forbid, ban, interdict, veto debar

Sarcasm कटाक्ष

Synonyms- Raillery, satire, ridicule, mockery, irony, sneer, gibe, taunt

Antonyms- Encomium, praise, compliment

Scorn घृणा करना

Synonyms- Disdain, despise, contemn, spur, slight, ridicule, deride, disregard

Antonyms- Revere, respect, esteem, venerate

Seek तलाश करना

Synonyms- Search, look for, ask, follow, hunt, solicit, inquire for, court

Antonyms- Shun, avoid, evade, eschew

Seldom  कभी-कभी

Synonyms- Rarely, hardly, ever, infrequently, occasionally

Antonyms- Often, frequently, repeatedly

Separate अलग होना 

Synonyms- Divide, sever, disjoin, part, disconnect, detach, segregate, disunite, divorce

Antonyms- Unite, join, connect, weld, fasten, together, couple, cement, solder, attach, conjoin, combine

Separation जुदाई

Synonyms- Parting, division, disunion, detachment, dissociation, divorce, segregation, disjunction

Antonyms- Union, association, meeting, junction, joining, conjunction

Shallow उथला 

Synonyms- Superficial, slight, trivial, trifling

Antonyms- Penetrating, deep, astute, recondite, discerning

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-8

Shame शर्म

Synonyms- Infamy, dishonour, disgrace, ignominy, obloquy, abashment

Antonyms- Honour, elevation, exaltation, eminence, fame, esteem, renown

Shine चमक                   

Synonyms- Polish, sheen, luster, gloss, brightness, effulgence

Antonyms- Tarnish, dullness

Snine चमकना 

Synonyms- Glare, gleam, sparkle, glisten, radiate, beam, shimmer, glow, coruscate

Antonyms- Fade, pale, wane, dull

Showy भव्य

Synonyms- Gorgeous, sumptuous, grand, magnificent, splendid

Antonyms- Unadorned, simple, dingy, colourless, sombre

Shrewd चालाक

Synonyms- Sharp, astute, sagacious, keen, intelligent, penettrating, prudent, wise, discerning, discriminating, clever, acute, cunning

Antonyms- Doltish, dull, unintelligent, stupid, stolid, obtuse

Shudder हिलना / कांपना

Synonyms- Quake, shake, shiver, tremble

Antonyms- Congeal, stiffen, petrily

Shy लज्जा पूर्ण

Synonyms- Timid, bashful, reserved, modest, coy, retiring, timorous, shrinking, diffident, unassuming

Antonyms- Assured, bold, confident, assuming, audacious, shameless

Sin पाप

Synonyms- Crime, wrong, iniquity, vice, evil, wickedness, transgression, offence, delinquency, misdeed

Antonyms- Morality, virtue, rectitude, uprightness, probity, integrity, purity

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-8

Slander बदनामी, झूठी निंदा

Synonyms- Calumny, defamation, abuse, aspersion, opprobrium, obloquy

Antonyms- Praise, eulogy, encomium, laudation, eulogium, commendation

Slavery गुलामी

Synonyms- Bondage, thraldom, servitude, vassalage, serfdom, enthrallment

Antonyms- Freedom, emancipation, liberty, independence

Slender पतला

Synonyms- Thin, fragile, slim, slight, lean, lanky, narrow, lithe, skinny, gaunt

Antonyms- Fat, plump, buxom, stout, brawny, portly, chubby, corpulent, burly

Smash बिखरना / टूटना

Synonyms- Shatter, crack, crush, break, disrupt

Antonyms- Mend, repair, restore, rectify

Soak सोखना

Synonyms- Saturate, wet, drench steep, macerate, moisten, damp

Antonyms- Desiccate, dry, parch, dehydrate

Sober गंभीर

Synonyms- Temperate, abstemious, abstinent

Antonyms- Intemperate, drunk, intoxicated, tipsy, inebriated

Sociable मैत्रीपूर्ण

Synonyms- Friendly, convivial, genjal, festive, companionable, gregarious, affable

Antonyms- Secluded, sequestered, hostile, ‘unfriendly, adverse, inimical

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-8

Solemn पवित्र

Synonyms- Sacred, reverential, ceremonial, devotional, religious

Antonyms- Profane, ungodly, irreverent, sacrilegious, irreligious, impious

Solitary अकेला / निर्जन

Synonyms- Lonely, sole, lone, lonesome, companionless, alone

Antonyms- Accompanied

Spiteful विद्वेशी

Synonyms- Malicious, malignant, malevolent, rancorous

Antonyms- Benignant, benign, benevolent, beneficent

Splendid बहुत सुंदर

Synonyms- Superb, magnificent, glorious, grand, fine, gorgeous, sublime, sumptuous

Antonyms- Mean, inferior, poor, humble, ordinary, shabby, sordid

Stain दाग

Synonyms- Stigma, blemish, spot, defect, blot, flaw, fault, imperfection, tarnish

Antonyms- Excellence, perfection, perfectness, faultlessness, spotlessness

Stealthy गुप्त

Synonyms- Surreptitious, underhand, clandestine, furtive, secret. covert, sneaking, skulking, hidden

Antonyms- Above board, open, frank, public, candid, undissen bling, guileless

Stimulate उकसाना / प्रोत्साहित करना

Synonyms- Whet, spur, provoke, goad, urge, instigate, incite, rouse inflame, inspirit

Antonyms- Discourage, deter, dissuade, disincline, hinder, prevent

Stormy प्रचंड वायु

Synonyms- Tempestuous, violent, roaring, boisterous, blustering, rough, squall

Antonyms- Quiet, still, peaceful, calm, serene stationary, silent, motionless

Sublime भव्य

Synonyms- Noble, exalted, lofty, grand, majestic, elevated, dignified, glorious, magnificent, superb

Antonyms- Ridiculous, farcical, comic, contemptible, absurd, risible, amusing, droll, ludicrous

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-8

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