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Set- 9 Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

Substantial वास्तविक

Synonyms- Tangible, perceptible, material, palpable, solid, real, existing, corporeal, actual

Antonyms- illusory, imaginary, visionary, chimerical, unreal, shadowy, fanciful, illusive, fancied, unsubstantial

Happiness Course

Succeed सफल होना / वारिस होना

Synonyms- Follow, ensure, inherit

Antonyms- Precede, introduce, herald, head, lead, usher

Success सफलता

Synonyms- Luck, prosperity, good fortune, victory, triumph, achievement

Antonyms- Failure, miscarriage, collapse, failing, fiasco, breakdown

Superficial छिछला / बाह्य

Synonyms- Slight, flimsy, shallow, outward, external, outer

Antonyms- Deep, profound, recondite, thorough, penetrating

Surrender समर्पण करना

Synonyms- Give up, relinquish, yield, abandon, resign, cede, deliver, sacrifice, forego

Antonyms- Withhold, hold, detain, confine, retain, suppress, reserve

Suspicious संदेह युक्त

Synonyms- Questionable, doubtful, mistrustful, unbelieving

Antonyms- Trustful, trustworthy, straight, honourable, honest, straightforward

Symbolical प्रतीकात्मक 

Synonyms- Emblematic, figurative; allegorical, metaphorical

Antonyms- Literal, actual, factual

Teachable पढ़ाने योग्य  

Synonyms- Docile, tractable, compliant

Antonyms- Intractable, refractory, disobedient, unmanageablė, contumacious, mulish

Thought विचार

Synonyms- idea, notion, conception, view, intention, belief

Antonyms- Misconception

Thoughtful विचारक सावधान

Synonyms- Attentive, anxious, cautious, careful, considerate, heedful, mindful, discreet

Antonyms- Heedless, careless, unmindful, inconsiderate, neglectful, remiss, unthinking

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

Timely शीघ्र समय से / समयानुकूल

Synonyms- Opportune, seasonable, early, prompt

Antonyms- Tardy, late, inopportune, unseasonably

Tired थका हुआ   

Synonyms- Fatigue, weary, exhaust, bore, jade, fag

Antonyms- Freshen, refresh, brace, revive, invigorate, reinvigorate

Tragic दर्दनाक

Synonyms- Calamitous, disastrous, catastrophic, fatal, sorrowful, sad, dreadful

Antonyms- Comic, droll, farcical, amusing, laughable, favourable, propitious, advantageous

Trained प्रशिक्षित

Synonyms- Skilled, expert, practised, efficient, proficient, qualified

Antonyms- Untrained, unskilled, inefficient, inexpert, unqualified, inexperienced, clumsy, maladroit

Transact (सामंजस्य बैठाना / पूरा करना 

Synonyms- Complete, conduct, carry, through, negotiate, perform, do, enact

Antonyms- Mishandle, mismanage, misconduct

Transform बदलना

Synonyms- Change, transmute, metamorphose, transtigure, convert, translate

Antonyms- Preserve, perpetuate, continue, immortalize, eternalize

Transpose आपस में बदलना / विपरीत        

Synonyms- Reverse, change, transfer, shift, interchange

Antonyms- Fix, rivet, root, immobilize

Treacherous झूठा अविश्वसनीय

Synonyms- Unfaithful, faithless, false, perfidious, traitorous, disloyal, unreliable, untrustworthy

Antonyms- Faithful, loyal, trustworthy, reliable, true, devoted, trusty

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

Treachery विश्वासघात

Synonyms- Treason, perfidy, disloyalty, betrayal

Antonyms- Loyalty, fealty, fidelity, constancy

Tremble कांपना 

Synonyms- Shiver, quake, quiver, shudder, vibrate, oscillate

Antonyms- Stiffen, petrify, gell

Trembling कांपते हुए 

Synonyms- Tremulous, shaking, quivering, vibrating, rocking, oscillating

Antonyms- Steady, firm, stationary, unwavering, stable, immobile, motionless, still

Typical प्रतीकात्मक / लाक्षणिक

Synonyms- illustrative, representative, normal, indicative, symbolical, regular, usual

Antonyms- Abnormal, unusual, singular, divergent, peculiar

Tyranny तानाशाही

Synonyms- Despotism, oppression, autocracy, dictatorship

Antonyms- Constitutionalism, democracy

Unalterable जिसे बदला ना जा सके

Synonyms- Changeless, permanent, immutable, invariable, constant, unchangeable

Antonyms- Changeable, alterable, variable, inconstant, revocable, mutable

Unanimity एकमत / सर्वसम्मति

Synonyms- Agreement, unity, accord, harmony, unison, concert

Antonyms- Disagreement, contention, disunity, discord, disharmony, dissension, difference, variance

Unanimous सर्व सम्मत / एकमत

Synonyms- Agreeing, united, concordant

Antonyms- Discordant, differing, disagreeing, deviating

Unruly अवैध 

Synonyms- Ungovernable, lawless, refractory, unmanageable, rebellious, disorderly, riotous, mutinous, headstrong, turbulent

Antonyms- Regular, orderly, methodical, quiet, undisturbed

Untidy गंदा / बिखरा हुआ

Synonyms- Slovenly, sluttish, negligent, slatternly, careless, unkempt, disorderly

Antonyms- shipshape, clean, Neat, tidy, immaculate, spruce, trim, smart

Urge निवेदन करना

Synonyms- Spur, incite, prompt, impel, goad, stimulate, drive, force

Antonyms- Deter, discourage, dissuade, warn, disincline

Urgent अति आवश्यक

Synonyms- Important, imperative, pressing, critical, insistent

Antonyms- Inconsiderable, trivial, trifling, insignificant, unimportant, petty, immaterial

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

Usual सामान्य 

Synonyms- Customary, accustomed, ordinary, general, common, regular, habitual, familiar

Antonyms- Unusual, exceptional, uncommon, rare, irregular abnormal, unnatural, extraordinary, remarkable. singular

Vacant खाली

Synonyms- Empty, unoccupied, void, unfilled, exhausted

Antonyms- Occupied, filled, inhabited

Vain घमंडी / निरर्थक

Synonyms- Conceited, proud, inflated, egotistic, opinionated, arrogant

Antonyms- Modest,  unpretentious, retiring, unostentatious, unassuming

Valuable कीमती / बहुमूल्य 

Synonyms- Precious, expensive, costly

Antonyms- Worthless, base, cheap, valueless

Value कीमती होना    

Synonyms- Appreciate, prize, esteem, treasure

Antonyms- Belittle, depreciate, disparage, undervalue, underrate, traduce, decry

Vanity झूठा अभिमान 

Synonyms- Egotism, conceit, pride, arrogance

Antonyms- Unobtrusiveness, modesty, meekness

Versatile विविधता पूर्ण

Synonyms- Unsteady, changeable, volatile, inconstant, mercurial, variable, capricious

Antonyms- Steady, constant, invariable, unchangeable, permanent, unwavering, undeviating

Violation अतिक्रमण

Synonyms- Trespass, transgression, encroachment, infringement, infraction

Antonyms- Adherence, observance, compliance, concurrence, acquiescence

Violent आक्रामक

Synonyms- Furious, raving, raging, passionate, vehement, intense, ungovernable, impetuous, fierce, turbulent, tumultuous

Antonyms- Quiet, cool, placid, peaceful, calm, frigid, collected, unruffled, unexcited

Virtue  गुण 

Synonyms- Uprightness, worth, merit, excellence, goodness, probity, integrity, morality

Antonyms- Wickedness, vice, failing, corruption, iniquity, sin, depravity

Vital आवश्यक

Synonyms- Essential, indispensable, necessary, important

Antonyms- Immaterial, unessential, unimportant, trivial, trifling,  insignificant

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

Vivid जीवंत

Synonyms- Bright, brilliant, glaring

Antonyms- Dull, dim, dark, tarnished

Voluntary स्वैच्छिक 

Synonyms- Spontaneous, willing, gratuitous, optional, unconstrained, discretional

Antonyms- Enforced, compulsory, obligatory, imperative

Vulgar असभ्य

Synonyms- Coarse, unrefined, rude, base, gross

Antonyms- Refined, genteel, polished, stylish, gentlemanly, courteous

Wakeful चौकस

Synonyms- Vigilant, awake, watchful; alert, active

Antonyms- Asleep, lethargic, dormant, inactive, quiescent, sleeping, slumbering

Wicked दुष्ट

Synonyms- Evil, corrupt, sinful, depraved, iniquitous, criminal heinous, bad, immoral, nefarious, villainous

Antonyms- Virtuous, saintly, righteous, moral, incorrupt, upright, chaste

Wild जंगली       

Synonyms- Savage, uncivilized, untamed, barbarous, ferocious, undomesticated

Antonyms- Tame, civilized, domesticated, subdued, submissive, meek

Worldly सांसारिक

Synonyms- Temporal, mundane, earthly, did, secular

Antonyms- Spiritual, immaterial, divine, ethereal, incorporeal

Worship पूजा

Synonyms- Reverence, veneration, adoration, idolization, deification, homage

Antonyms- Contempt, derision, scorn, disdain

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

Worship पूजा करना

Synonyms- Exalt, reverence, venerate, adore, honour, revere, idolize, deify

Antonyms- Disdain, contemn, deride, despise, slight, scorn

Worthy सुयोग्य

Synonyms- Deserving, praiseworthy, commendable, estimable, laudable, valuable, excellent, meritorious, admirable, honourable

Antonyms- Worthless, vile, despicable, degraded, mean, vicious, ignoble, contemptible

Yield प्रदान करना

Synonyms- Forego, surrender, concede, waive, relinquish, abandon, renounce

Antonyms- Withhold, reserve, restrain, suppress, detain, keep back

Youthful युवा

Synonyms- Boyish, young, immature

Antonyms- Old, elderly, mature

Zeal उत्साह जोश

Synonyms- Devotion, spirit, zest

Antonyms- Apathy, indifference

Zenith उच्चतम स्थान 

Synonyms- Summit, acme, pinnacle, culmination, height, top, apex, climax, vertex, crown

Antonyms- Base, zero, bottom, foot, foundation, basis, ground, floor

Zero शून्य 

Synonyms- Nil, nothing, cipher, nought

Antonyms- Nadir, nullity

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

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Word Power Antonyms Synonyms-9

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