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Set- 3 Word Power Antonyms Synonyms

Competent प्रवीण

Synonyms- Skillful, capable, learned, efficient, accomplished, clever

Antonyms- Incompetent, inefficient, unqualified, weak, incapable

Complexity उलझन

Synonyms- Intricacy, confusion, complication, perplexity, entanglement

Antonyms- Plainness, simplicity

Complement प्रशंसा 

Synonyms- Flatter, praise, commend, congratulate

Antonyms- Censure, criticism, disapprobation

Conflicting विपरीत

Jarring, oppOsite, interfering, discordant, irreconcilable

Antonyms- Matching, harmonizing, coinciding, harmonious,

fitting, coresponding

Consequence परिणाम

Synonyms- Result, issue, outcome

Antonyms- Reason, source, cause, origin

Consistency संगति

Synonyms- Consonance, coherence, congruity, compatibility, harmony, accordance

Antonyms- Discord, inconsistency, disharmony, incompatibility

Console सांत्वना देना

Synonyms- Solace, refresh, soothe, gladden

Antonyms- Pester, irritate, vex, harass, tease

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms

Constant स्थिर

Synonyms- Firm, unswerving, steady, steadfast, incessant, perpetual, sustained

Antonyms- Capricious, fickle, variable, vacillating, intermittent,

spasmodic, recurrent

Contempt अनादर 

Synonyms- Slight, hoot, disregard, sneer, dislike, hate

Antonyms- Revence, regard, respect, love

Contentment संतुष्टि

Synonyms- Pleasure, happiness, contentedness, comfort, appeasement, satisfaction

Antonyms- Displeasure, bitterness, discontent

Correspond समान होना

Synonyms- Match, correlation, similarity

Antonyms- Variance, jarring, dissonance

Cozy आरामदायक

Synonyms- Sheltered, comfortable, sung, easy, wamn

Antonyms- Wretched, uneasy, cheerless, troubled, unpleasant

Courage साहस

Synonyms- Pluck, heroism, hardihood, mettle, valour, boldness, intrepidity, bravery, nerve

Antonyms- Pusillanimity, diffidence, timidity, cowardice

Cowardice कायरता

Synonyms- Baseness, timidity, faint-heart

Antonyms- Courage, heroism, boldness, bravery

Credit सम्मान / विश्वास

Synonyms- Belief, trust, confidence, reliance, merit, praise, honour

Antonyms- Mistrust, suspicion, disbelief, misgiving, distrust,


Crude कच्चा

Synonyms- Coarse, harsh, raw, rough, immature, undigested, unrefined

Antonyms- Perfect, finished, mature, smooth, elegant, fine

Cruelty दुष्टता

Synonyms- Barbarity, savagery, oppression, tyranny, malignancy

Antonyms- Tenderness, pity, compassion, benevolence,

humanity, mercy

Crush निचोड़ना

Synonyms- Pound, triturate, contuse, squeeze, bruise, compress, powder, pulverize

Antonyms- Solidify, harden, fuse, consolidate, petrify, congratulate,

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms


Curiosity जिज्ञासा

Synonyms- Interest, inquisitiveness

Antonyms- Indifference

Curious उत्सुक

Synonyms- Prying, interested, meddling

Antonyms- Apathetic, disinterested, unconcerned

Cynical उन्मादी

Synonyms- Carping, waspish, snappish, testy, sneering, censorious, sarcastic

Antonyms- Engaging, amiable, charming, appreciative, commendatory


Dainty भव्य

Synonyms- Refined, elegant, exquisite, fastidious, toothsome, squeamish, delicate, fine

Antonyms- Rude, coarse, vulgar, inelegant, rough, crude, unpolished

Dark गहरा / काला

Synonyms- Sable, swarthy, ebon, dusky, blaCK, Sombre, obscure, dismal

Antonyms- Pale, bright, light, snowy, radiant, evident, convivial

Decay नष्ट होना

Synonyms- Putrefy, perish, wane, wither, rot, decompose

Antonyms- Thrive, develop, grow, progress, prosper, flourish

Decayed नष्ट

Synonyms- Rotten, faded, corrupt, putrefied

Antonyms- Undecayed, healthy, unimpaired

Defence रक्षा

Synonyms- Shelter, screen, ditch, earthwork

Antonyms- Attack, aggression, transgression

Delicacy कोमलता / सुंदरता 

Synonyms- Frailty, slenderness, daintiness, elegance, finesse, nicety, refinement, fastidiousness

Antonyms- Sturdiness, robustness, coarseness, vigour, crudeness, inelegance, roughness

Democracy प्रजातंत्र 

Synonyms- Popular, republic, rule of the people

Antonyms- Mobocracy, aristocracy, autocracy

Deny मना करना

Synonyms- Gainsay, abnegate, reject, renounce, contradict, abjure, controvert, refute

Antonyms- Verify, confirm, comply, ratify, corroborate, endorse, substantiate

Deride अपमान करना

Synonyms- Scoff, taunt, lampoon, mock, gibe, jeer, scorn, satirize, sneer, ridicule

Antonyms- Esteem, honour, revere, respect, value, venerate

Dignified सम्माननीय

Synonyms- Majestic, pompous, imposing, stately, princely, august, grave, noble

Antonyms- Humble, lowly, unassuming, unpretentious

Diligent परिश्रमी

Synonyms- Attentive, laborious, careful, busy

Antonyms- Idle, slack, slothful, indolent, lazy

Diplomacy कूटनीति

Synonyms- Tactics, strategy, circumvention

Antonyms- Imprudence, blunder, indiscretion

Diplomatic कूटनीतिज्ञ

Synonyms- Wary, sagacious, prudent, knowing, discreet, shrewd, astute, tactful

Antonyms- Silly, bungling, untactful, indiscretion, imprudent, injudicious

Disclose रहस्य खोलना

Synonyms- Confess, unveil, expose, divulge, betray

Antonyms- Conceal, veil, cloak, suppress, cover

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms

Discover उजागर करना 

Synonyms- Divulge, manifest, reveal

Antonyms- Disguise, screen, conceal

Disfigure विरूपित करना 

Synonyms- Mangle, defom, cripple, injure, spoil, maim, mar, deface, mutilate

Antonyms- Grace, embellish, decorate, garnish, adom deck, beautify

Disgrace शर्मनाक

Synonyms- Discredit, degrade, shame, disparage, debase, humiliate, dishonour

Antonyms- Respect, dignify, reverence, exalt, elevate, honour, venerate

Disgust घृणा करना   

Synonyms- Repel, repulse, offend, nauseate, sicken

Antonyms- Please, delight, gladden, charm, gratify

Dismiss खारिज करना

Synonyms- Disband, banish, discharge, discard

Antonyms- Employ, keep, engage, retain, detain

Display दिखाना 

Synonyms- Reveal, parade, flaunt, expose, show

Antonyms- Screen, conceal, mask, cloak, hide

Dispute विवाद होना

Synonyms- Bicker, wrangle, brawl, quarrel, argue, discuss, debate

Antonyms- Consent, comply, agree, accede, assent

Dramatic नाटकीय

Synonyms- Thespian, melodramatic, sensational, showy, theatrical, histrionic

Antonyms- Prosaic, drab, simple, unsensational

Dutiful आज्ञाकारी

Synonyms- Submissive, reverential, deferential, obedient, respectful

Antonyms- Defiant, seditious, refractory, rebellious, mutinous


Ease आसान करना

Synonyms- Alleviate, assuage, abate, palliate, relieve, mitigate, soothe, allay

Antonyms- Enhance, aggravate, worsen, heighten

Economical किफायती

Synonyms- Careful, frugal, thrifty, provident

Antonyms- Prodigal, improvident, extravagant, liberal

Edge किनारा

Synonyms- Margin, verge, rim, brim, brink, border

Antonyms- Interior, middle, inside, bluntness

Embrace आलिंगन करना

Synonyms- Contain, incorporate, embody, encircle, hug, fondle, caress, clasp, comprehend

Antonyms- Bar, preclude, ban, veto, debar, except, exclude

Enchanted अभिमंत्रित करना

Synonyms- Charmed, enamoured, enraptured, bewitched, rapt

Antonyms- Disgusted, repulsed, repelled, nauseated, entranced, captivated, fascinated

Enthusiasm उत्साह 

Synonyms- Zeal, fanaticism, fervour, ardour, vehemence

Antonyms- Lethargy, apathy, heaviness

Word Power Antonyms Synonyms

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